Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jay Z and Kanye West @ Radio 1's Hackney Weekend

This was a bit delayed but because of my contemplative state I was hesitant whether or not to post this. So, now I've made up my mind, enjoy this monumental moment.

Judging by the last performance of day one at Radio 1's Big Weekend, it may as well have been called the Jay Z and Kanye West show. Bringing out the old classics such as 99 Problems and On To The Next One, as well as inviting guests Rihanna and M.I.A to join him on stage for his two hour set, Jay Z certainly did not disappoint.
However, the performance reached its climax when Kanye West appeared to perform a multitude of songs from their album Watch The Throne. Delighting fans with Otis, Who Gon' Stop Me and No Chruch In The Wild, an electric atmosphere was created as the set approached the grand finale. Kanye teased the audience with "but there's still one city we ain't taken y'all to yet" and everyone knew what was coming as "ball so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me" resonated around the immense crowd gathered to see hip-hop's finest duo perform Niggas In Paris. With glimpses of Beyonce moshing in the pit, everyone followed suit and absorbed the heavy beats that are impossible to resist moving to. It was bloody brilliant. The three encores. "AGAIN?" Three.



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