Monday, 4 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

 Cue the obligatory jubilee post...
Although some miserable so and so's don't enjoy taking part in the celebrations related to the monarchy, I love the patriotism involved in celebrating the Queen's diamond jubilee. The bunting, the red, white and blue colour scheme, the food (scones galore!) all create such a British atmosphere. Having watched the Jubilee Pageant in its entirety yesterday - I didn't want to miss an inch of Prince Harry looking dashing in his princely attire - I felt a real sense of pride in how us Brits can come together and celebrate such an outstanding achievement that concerns the whole country.
Having said that, as a part of the younger generation, I don't think I ever understood the extent of the Queen's work and how, at only 25 years old, she gave up her life to serve her country. As we are often bombarded with images of Kate's latest style feats (I'm not complaining, she becomes my girl crush every time a royal event takes place) and William and Harry touring the Commonwealth, it's easy to forget that the Queen also does this and more.

In addition to the flotilla, Gary Barlow and Andrew Lloyd Webber took on the almighty task of creating the 'Jubilee Song'. I watched the programme last night that documented Gary Barlow's journey across the Commonwealth in order to record a multitude of sounds from different cultures that would be used in the track. It was really beautiful to see how much music affects certain people's lives. It made me wonder why we pride so many musicians in this country (some of whom don't even write their own material) when music could be created freely and enjoyed by everyone. I now also hope that when I go to Tanzania, I can experience some of the singing and percussion groups that he did.
I think the concept of the song is perfect for the occasion. I would have preferred it if the choir weren't such a prominent role because, in some instances, it overpowers the other cultural aspects but on the whole it's a lovely song. Prince Harry's tambourine talent really makes it worthwhile.

Diverting from the meaningful purpose of the documentary, I also witnessed Prince Harry. Dancing. Feel free to play this video of the Prince moving his hips to One Love in Jamaica on repeat, I did.

All in all, we just love a good excuse for a party and what better reason than to celebrate the 60 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II? I will most definitely be watching the concert tonight (7.30 on BBC1).
Oh and Prince Harry: I'll be waiting at the alter.


  1. That video of Harry dancing has made my night! I have a bit of a crush on him too. WHAT A BABE. I hope you're enjoying the concert!

    ♥ Leigh

  2. aww such lovely photos!
    haha the video of prince harry, he manages to pull off the smart uniforms! x


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