Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Africa Trousers · Brick Lane · Ryan Reynolds is rocking some serious hairstyle in this
Top notch tune · Revision remedy · Nandos and Sangria
Reunited · I MADE SALAD · Yoouuu got a friend in me
STRASBOURG 2013 · Just gimme the beat and we be burning yawww · Chicken dippers, curly fries and a Disney film is standard for the morning after

New feature! I've been using instagram a lot more lately so I thought I'd do a monthly post that kind of explains what I've been up to.
So this month was filled with Tanzania reunions...well two. I got to go down to London to see two amigos who live there and we spent the two days shopping in Brick Lane and Oxford Street and eating yummy food (more here). The second reunion involved one of our fellow expeditioneers coming down to Leicester. Me, Sally and James started our three person date in Nandos, catching up over a jug of Sangria and our various plates of chicken, and then went on to a party at a cafe bar down the road where they tried to broaden my drinking horizons. I often just opt for the cheapest and easiest thing going.
Also, this month brought about some good news for us French students at school: a trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for three days AND a possible connection to French students in Burkina Faso! Obviously, it is a francophone country; the combination of Africa and Francais is literally my dream so this is perfect. Plus, we gon' get some French boyfs in Strasbourg.

So that's my month in photos...if you would like to then follow me here!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Distant Relatives

This has quickly become one of my favourite albums. Released in 2010, Distant Relatives sees the fusion of hip hop and reggae by the genre's leading artists, Nas and Damien Marley. The above video gives their view on the album in which Damien states that he hopes that the record will "inspire interest in Africa". It also features little schnippets of the songs, so you can get a feel for the (awesome) music. I could listen to Damien's accent all freaking day.

I think one of the main reasons why I adore this album so much is because it takes me back to Tanzania. African elements are at the forefront of the musicality as well as the lyrics, with the ancestry and poverty of the continent having an influence over each song. There is even the line "Habari ghani, Mzuri sana" which is spoken in the African language of Kiswahili, a phrase we were greeted with everyday.

I strongly urge you to purchase Distant Relatives if you're a fan of the heavy beats of hip hop and the feel-good rhythm of reggae. Even if you don't, the album's proceeds go to a project in Africa so it is a worthwhile cause.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Coachella, I Want To Be Where You Are

images via latimes and some other place on the internet that I forgot to note down

I don't think you realise just how determined I am to travel across the Atlantic to Indio, California and spend a weekend at Coachella. Be it by plane, boat or even a lilo with a paddle, I'm going to get there one day. With sunshine in the day, sunsets at night and a selection of the best music artists around to carry you through both what is there not to love? You can let out your inner hippie and wear feathers and crochet all day long. This years line up sees the likes of Passion Pit, Jamie XX, Local Natives, Sigur Ros and James Blake take the stage...but alas there is no iconic ferris wheel where I am and it is raining. These are just are some images from weekend one (I know, we'll all have to help each other get through the pain of not being at the second weekend too) just to make you pine for palm trees and live music.

Are you wishing you went to Coachella as much as me right now?
Of course you are what a silly question.

Thursday, 11 April 2013


I like this video. A lot. Directed himself, or rather by 'Wolf Haley', IFHY shows the creative direction from Tyler the Creator is far superior to many of his peers who seem to solely focus on flashy cars, wads of cash and big booty bitches in their videos. Taking the romanticism and innocence that lies within the bubble of a doll house, the Odd Future rapper twists the fairytale connotations with his creepily accurate plasticised face and stiff movements to produce a disturbingly endearing video. One thing is for sure, it's a technical marvel for those of us who can only just about fathom the zoom on a video camera.

Saturday, 6 April 2013


Ray Lamontagne can solve any problem with the sound of his voice and the strum of his guitar.
Although the album Trouble was released in 2004, I have only recently discovered, and fallen in love with, the raspy tones of Ray's voice thanks to a tweet by Mr Harry Styles (ravishingly handsome and a good taste in music, yes please). The fact that his powerful lyrics and acoustic use of guitar is still widely appreciated nine years later just shows how timeless and classic his music is.
Focusing on just a few of the wonderful songs; Shelter has a relaxed atmosphere as Ray effortlessly puts an almost swelling effect on the chorus, Jolene and All The Wild Horses include the use of strings to just lift you into the world of the songs and carry you on a calm yet heartfelt journey that Ray paints with his poetic lyrics and Burn is just the most beautiful song I think I have ever heard. There is such a simplistic instrumental of one guitar accompanying the powerful lyrics in this song that it's impossible for his raw, raspy voice not to completely encompass you. When he sings "making me mad" oh my oh my I almost crumble under the gravelly way he explores pain. Clearly a brilliant songwriter, it is evident that Ray is a bloody powerful singer too. I just can't get enough of his voice and I highly recommend that you listen to whatever Ray Lamontagne song you can.

I seem to be getting more into my folksy music at the moment, I recently added Eva Cassidy to my ipod too (I used to spend hours listening to her rendition of Fields Of Gold and Over The Rainbow on repeat).
Have you discovered any old gems recently?

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Lake District / LANDAN / Instagram

So I've had a rather fun filled Easter break (with a worryingly little amount of revision) which included going to a very chilly Lake District and then London to meet up with my Tanzania chums for a couple of days.
Loweswater · Africa Trousers · Cruising · Dipping and Dyeing · Training it

Me and my friend Meghan travelled as independent women to London to meet Sophie, a fellow expeditioner, who is the most comical person I know. Although we hadn't seen each other for over eight months, it was like we'd never left the expedition and got straight in catching up...although with considerably cleaner appearances. However, we still made the conscious effort to pull out the ol' African trousers.

On Tuesday we went shopping in Brick Lane and Oxford Street; I hadn't been to Brick Lane before but I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of vintage items I liked the look of. We were going to go to Camden but didn't have much time as we had reservations for Cosmo's AKA all you can eat buffet AKA my idea of paradise. We also attempted a spot of dip-dying in the evening which turned out pretty damn well for a bunch of amateurs and some kitchen foil.
Overall the trip was a good 'un; me and Meghan transitioned from girls into women by managing to navigate ourselves into, around and back out of London, I lost my Cosmo's virginity and I also discovered that Sophie is possibly the funniest driver on the planet. Imagine a 19 year old sat so close to the wheel she could almost lick the windscreen careering around corners whilst shouting 'tossers' every so often at other road users. Brilliant.

I also got Instagram! Well, I've had it for about three months but I've started using it more now. So if you would like to follow me here I will happily return the favour!