Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Africa Trousers · Brick Lane · Ryan Reynolds is rocking some serious hairstyle in this
Top notch tune · Revision remedy · Nandos and Sangria
Reunited · I MADE SALAD · Yoouuu got a friend in me
STRASBOURG 2013 · Just gimme the beat and we be burning yawww · Chicken dippers, curly fries and a Disney film is standard for the morning after

New feature! I've been using instagram a lot more lately so I thought I'd do a monthly post that kind of explains what I've been up to.
So this month was filled with Tanzania reunions...well two. I got to go down to London to see two amigos who live there and we spent the two days shopping in Brick Lane and Oxford Street and eating yummy food (more here). The second reunion involved one of our fellow expeditioneers coming down to Leicester. Me, Sally and James started our three person date in Nandos, catching up over a jug of Sangria and our various plates of chicken, and then went on to a party at a cafe bar down the road where they tried to broaden my drinking horizons. I often just opt for the cheapest and easiest thing going.
Also, this month brought about some good news for us French students at school: a trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg for three days AND a possible connection to French students in Burkina Faso! Obviously, it is a francophone country; the combination of Africa and Francais is literally my dream so this is perfect. Plus, we gon' get some French boyfs in Strasbourg.

So that's my month in photos...if you would like to then follow me here!

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  1. cute photos ! I love nandos so much..and the french trip sounds awesome! xo


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