Wednesday, 28 March 2012

We Are The Wild Youth

Take yourself outside, dear reader. Sit in the evening sunset, lay on the grass and close your eyes. Play this song delicately, pretending that you're in a movie, and look up to the setting sky as you contemplate your innermost thoughts.

Gosh, this song is so perfect. At first, the guitar picking creates the thought that the upcoming music will be based on an innocent teen diary-reminscent topic. However, as the lyrics seep in, a gradual melancholic atmosphere is created. With lines such as "If you're still breathing, you're the lucky ones 'cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs" a saddening message is conveyed as the lovely voice sings about a lover who she is quite bitter and remorseful over. I adore the use of percussion as the song builds, i find it to create such a wonderful sense of poignancy and passion within the meaning.
As this built up anger over a certain someone gradually calms and realisation that being bitter towards somebody will do nothing, the line "and if you're in love, then you are the lucky one, 'cause most of us are bitter over someone" is sung over a more simplistic accompaniment. The musical arrangement of this song is very much conducive to the meaning of the lyrics, they go perfectly together.

How has everyone spending their time in this lovely weather that we've been having?
I've been sat in my garden attempting to bronze my almost sun reflecting worthy, pale-as-can-be legs.


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Saved By The Bell

A little post dedicated to reminiscing upon one of my most prominent memory of childhood tv shows, Saved By The Bell:
Ah, these images bring back a few memories of myself as a young girl sat right in front of the tv screen thinking i was much more mature than my seven years, watching the happenings at Bayside High.

I remember Saved By The Bell being my absolute favourite tv show. Although i was born two years after it had finished filming, the show was still going strong into the late 90s. Zack's looks never grew old. I think the eclectic mix of characters and lust to go to an American high school was what interested me...that and the amazing 80's style clothing that featured many zig zag prints and high waisted trousers.

There was a character that everyone could relate to; whether it was the nerdy intellect of Screech, Kelly Kapowski's it-girl looks, the classic macho torso of A.C. Slater, Jessie's independant personality, Lisa's dreams of going into the fashion industry or, the factor that kept me engaged, the charming smile of Zack. It was such a  perfect cast. Personally, i always loved tuning in to see what Kelly wore, she had the most darling outfits and her hair was so lucious with the classic 80s blowdry.

The dynamics between the six friends was such a great balance. There was a theme of matchmaking throughout the show; the cheeky troublemaker Zac was continually flirting with the sweet character of Kelly, Screech endured his tumultuous relationship with Lisa with light hearted conflict based on his geeky appearance, and Kelly, although calling him a 'pig' numerous times, bonded with Slater to make an adorable couple.

Obviously there are certain episodes that i remember more than others. For example, i won't forget the moment when a dance-off took place at the groups local hangout spot, The Max, in which Lisa made Screech's dreams come true by being his dance partner. Aww. I always had a soft spot for Screech. Also, i can recollect myself watching the tv film that was shot when the gang went to work at a hotel resort in Hawaii over and over again.

Gosh, i need to somehow get my hands on the boxset.


Friday, 23 March 2012

So This Happened...

13 people, legs tied together, 1 mile. Well, i say one mile. We actually managed to travel approximately seven metres down a hill and then (due to the fact we were being continuously overtaken) did a u-turn and attempted to get back up the hill. We may have not completed the whole mile but we sure put in a good effort, crawling shuffling and flailing all over the place.

I love this photo.


Thursday, 22 March 2012

Let's All Go On An Urban Safari

Immense. The menacing string riff, the pressurised drum and bass rhythm, the fascinatingly honest lyrics, all the elements of this track from Ben Drew (AKA Plan B) convey his, as well as many other people's, strong feelings towards stereotypical views and misconceptions of certain social groups.

     Ill Manors
     Plan B

As shown in the video, the London riots that broke out last August sparked a flame in the rapper's mind to write a song that not only questioned why the violence erupted but also represented the group of young people that had been portrayed badly in the media, often referred to as chavs. Stating that the aim wasn't to condone the behaviour of rioters, Plan B has used his position in music to make people aware of the hypocrisy and derogatory views that some have towards the less fortunate.

Here a few quotes from Plan B's interview with Mista Jam in which he expresses a real understanding for the subject of the song:

"We are all, in the simplest form, animals and when we are backed into a corner we lash out."

"I wanna know why it happened and how we're going to prevent it from happening again."

" I wrote it for the forgotten kids of society that no-one represents"

As opposed to running away from the delicate subject of the song, Plan B has delved right into attacking the subject head on. He has literally said a massive fuck you to society. So take that world.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Big Easy Express

      Big Easy Express

I should really be asleep at this time of night but i've just had a surge of inspiration pumped into me in the form of this trailer for the film 'Big Easy Express'. So imma write about it.

The film by Emmett Malloy documents the journey of three bands from San Fransisco to New Orleans. As Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Mumford and Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show abandon their normal routines to travel across America on a vintage train, they set off on a "tour of dreams". Stopping off to play sold out shows, the film is bound to be a good one; not only for the insight into the wonderful moments that they endure but also for the live music performances.

"2800 miles, a week and a half, the time of our lives"

"It's like we left all our baggage behind and just brought our instruments"

"Bound for glory is what we are, i mean, that's what this tour is. It's god damn bound for glory."

The film was premiered at SXSW on 17th March but if it does go to cinemas (i don't see why on earth it wouldn't) then i personally would love to see this film. It has gotten my mind into a real thought-provoking state, wondering how insightful and amazing it would be to take a trip like this.
Great. Just what i needed before i attempt to get to sleep. That's my commupence for staying up on the computer too late.

Would you like to see this film? Or is there another artist that you would like to see a documentary-based film on?


Friday, 16 March 2012

Matt Corby

Matt Corby, a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing human being, a divine voice and an Australian. Therefore this only begs the question - marry me?

I know, swoon city. How wonderful is this acoustic version of Brother? The way in which Matt envelopes you with the diversity of his voice, takings listeners on a musical journey, is just sublime.

The atmosphere is set at the beginning of the song by his beautifully enchanting howls that have the most gorgeous tone. In my interpretation, this is synonymous to the howls of wolves and throughout the song i feel a continuous sense of being in the wild as if 'the wolf' is longing for his pack. With lyrics such as "conjure the wind" and "call out to your brother", it just reinforces my visualisation of a cave with a fire crackling as the sun goes down.

Progressing through the lyrics with his raspy yet clearly well crafted vocal power, the music builds and fades through the changing guitar melody and transformation of Matt's voice. As the song climaxes towards the end, a powerful moment is created as a gravelly, harsh vocal explodes out of the musician's passion for the meaning behind the song. Although this could be a little intimidating to some people, for me i just find Matt Corby even more intriguing. With his hair becoming all the more dishevelled and unravelling from behind his headphones, the ability that Matt possesses to allow a song to take over himself like that is just super duper.

So i've discovered a new obssession, what did you think of this acoustic performance?


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I Can't Make You Love Me

      I Can't Make You Love Me
      Bon Iver
There isn't much that i can write to convey how beautiful this song is, it's one you just have to listen to.
Within the piano melody and falsetto voice, there is something ever so simplistic that creates an innocence to the song; a sort of inexperienced quality. The lyrics "Turn down the lights, turn down the bed" and "Lay down with me, tell me no lies" express a real sense of yearning for an honest and simple relationship, removing all complexities from the outside world. Singing about an unrequited love, the lyrics are wonderfully romantic yet the melancholy of not having the same feelings from someone in return, for me, puts a compellingly darker side to the song. I just want to say "I will love you!".

History lesson: One of the two writers of this song, Mike Reid, said his inspiration came from an article that he had read about a man who had drunkenly shot at his girlfriend's car. Upon being asked if he had learned anything from the incident in court, the man replied: "I learned, your honour, that you can't make a woman love you if she don't."

Awww, that's so romantic. You know, aside from shooting his girlfriend's car and all.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


So a few weeks ago i discovered an adorable shop called Evolution. The shop supplies a range of handmade candles, blankets, and the most adorable little Buddha statues amongst many other items that have been handcrafted in countries like Indonesia and Thailand. With the profits being distributed to projects that the brand supports, they bring benefits to the people that make their goods so i would most definitely say it was a worthwhile spend.
Anyway, i revisited it today to admire some of the beautiful handcrafted items and it gave me some lovely inspiration...
Although these images are from weheartit, the adorable elephant candles in the last image are sold in Evolution. I've always loved Balinese and Thai prints; they're so intricately created and the colours used are so mellowing. I would love to have a bedroom filled with scented candles, painted glass lanterns and sunset-reminiscent colours as shown above.
I had previously bought a beautiful string of hearts and an Oscar Wilde quote to add to my bedroom but today i purchased a candle with the scent of 'endless berries'. It's is divine. As i'm in such a calm mood i am dedicating the rest of this lazy Sunday to relaxing with my new candle and a book. Heaven.
^ Obligatory shot of Mollie ruining a good photo by pulling weird facial expressions.


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Never Let Me Go

Latest video from Florence and the Machine for Never Let Me Go.
I love the haunting effect that it has, especially with lines 'arms of the ocean' and 'sinner like me' being sung beautifully on top. The chimes in the song combine perfectly with the misty scene that is created on the ice rink. Florence just has a wonderful way of writing gothic lyrics but manages to use delicate instruments behind the words and the two work perfectly together.
Have a listen to the track from the album Ceremonials:
Also, if you love Florence's way of creating imagery, melodies and just gorgeous artistry in general as much as i do then i'm sure you would love to watch the behind the scenes video.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

NME Awards 2012

Hurrah! Kasabian won Best British Band! No disrespect to their sound or anything but screw the music - they're from Leicester! Aww yeaaaaah, on dem LE3 tings. Anyways, brushing past that awkward grammatically incorrect moment, let's discuss today's topic: The NME Awards 2012.

This year, guests joined together at Brixton's O2 Academy to celebrate awards for music, film and (my personal favourite) Villain of the Year. Sorry Justin Bieber. With Jack Whitehall as the host - yes he is one of my many crushes - beginning the evening by stating that "all of the coolest names in rock 'n' roll are in this fucking building!" he set the tone perfectly for the mayhem that later ensued. Also, the stage setting that resembled a circus and the ever so classy middle finger award design reflects how the NME Awards commends music that doesn't conform for what is percieved as popular.
Inside the O2 Academy Brixton

The Vaccines won Best New Band and frontman Justin Young said "so often when i hear people talking about new music now they're talking about how interesting it is and how much it's pushing things forward, but i think often people forget that entertainment is as important in rock 'n' roll as artistic pursuit and some people just wanna have fun". The band then went on to entertain with an energetic and all round amazing performance of 'If You Wanna' to which camera shots of guests were shown bopping around and having a great time. This made me dance. Alone. I enjoyed it.
Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine

As i previously mentioned, Kasabian won Best British Band. The whole celebration and acceptance of the award was just perfect; from Sergio's victory stanse atop of a table which progressed to the fans in the pit, to Tom's speech dedicated to singing "Hey hey we're the monkees!" in honour of Davy Jones. The performance succeeding this memorable win was 'Pelican' by The Maccabees. Aside from being just a downright good song, i also discovered a hidden adoration for Florence Welch. She was continuously shown dancing and shaking about to the catchy drum rhythms and guitar amazing would it be to party with her? Unfathomably good.
Two Door Cinema Club, The Drums, Miles Kane, The Maccabees

The final accolade named the Godlike Genius Award was given to, or rather earned by, Noel Gallagher. In a video montage showcasing the talent he beholds, contributions from Sergio Pizzorno, Russel Brand and Alex Turner were played. Going back to the old days of Oasis as well as bringing his recent solo endeavours into the limelight, i felt a profound sense of "man, this guy is good at what he does" as he continues to produce geniusly lyricised songs.

" He somehow manages to be a beautiful, articulate poet, a wordsmith, a musician that can talk to a generation, a whole class of people that are often ignored in popular music" - Russell Brand

"He's very funny, he's very witty, he really does believe he is the dog's bollocks" - Paul Weller

"Noel deserves the Godlike Genius Award, erm, well because that's what he is, right?" - Sergio Pizzorno

Standing in appreciation of the standing ovation around him with his arms spread widely in the air, Noel went to recieve his award. Speaking to the other musical guests in attendance he said "to all the people down here who ever sighted me as an influence, you are fucking welcome. You are welcome." This cock sure attiutude, to me, is completely endeering - i mean, when you've been as successful and influential as Noel Gallagher why wouldn't you be?
Noel with his Godlike Genius Award. Guests included Noel Fielding and Pixie Geldof.

The Style:
The NME Awards always showcase quirky, more edgier styles in comparison to other music awards ceremonies with girls and boys alike setting the fashion stakes. I love the skinny jeans look on a guy (and my oh my were there plenty) and the teddy boy-esque approach that many of the bands nominated wore on the evening. For the females, the standard was set with laced detailing on the feminine silhouettes of dresses. However, Rita Ora showed off a gorgeous white suit and rocked the effortless yet sophisticated look perfectly.
Alexa Chung, Tali Lennox, Rita Ora and Florence Welch via elleuk

 In hommage to the absolute icon that is Alexa Chung, i thought that i would create a montage of images that surfaced of her looking as wonderful as ever on the night. Sweet, huh? Yes Mols, or incredibly stalkerish.
Alexa Chung <3

For the full list of winners click here
All images sourced via nme unless stated otherwise.