Friday, 16 March 2012

Matt Corby

Matt Corby, a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing human being, a divine voice and an Australian. Therefore this only begs the question - marry me?

I know, swoon city. How wonderful is this acoustic version of Brother? The way in which Matt envelopes you with the diversity of his voice, takings listeners on a musical journey, is just sublime.

The atmosphere is set at the beginning of the song by his beautifully enchanting howls that have the most gorgeous tone. In my interpretation, this is synonymous to the howls of wolves and throughout the song i feel a continuous sense of being in the wild as if 'the wolf' is longing for his pack. With lyrics such as "conjure the wind" and "call out to your brother", it just reinforces my visualisation of a cave with a fire crackling as the sun goes down.

Progressing through the lyrics with his raspy yet clearly well crafted vocal power, the music builds and fades through the changing guitar melody and transformation of Matt's voice. As the song climaxes towards the end, a powerful moment is created as a gravelly, harsh vocal explodes out of the musician's passion for the meaning behind the song. Although this could be a little intimidating to some people, for me i just find Matt Corby even more intriguing. With his hair becoming all the more dishevelled and unravelling from behind his headphones, the ability that Matt possesses to allow a song to take over himself like that is just super duper.

So i've discovered a new obssession, what did you think of this acoustic performance?



  1. interesting post
    i'm not actually a big fan of him though, but he is still really talented :)

  2. definitely a handsome man, but the voice is even more beautiful. thanks for sharing!

    warm greetings!

  3. oo, he is hot and has a beautiful, interesting voice; what more could you want?! hah, love finding new music through your blog - definitely giving Matt Corby a search on itunes :) xo

  4. I am in love with this song!

  5. he has an interesting voice, i love the combination of the softness and the raspiness...although i didn't like the howling parts, but the parts where he's actually singing words gave me chills
    XO stephi

  6. great post!
    awesome voice! :)

  7. that voice... beautiful!



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