Thursday, 22 March 2012

Let's All Go On An Urban Safari

Immense. The menacing string riff, the pressurised drum and bass rhythm, the fascinatingly honest lyrics, all the elements of this track from Ben Drew (AKA Plan B) convey his, as well as many other people's, strong feelings towards stereotypical views and misconceptions of certain social groups.

     Ill Manors
     Plan B

As shown in the video, the London riots that broke out last August sparked a flame in the rapper's mind to write a song that not only questioned why the violence erupted but also represented the group of young people that had been portrayed badly in the media, often referred to as chavs. Stating that the aim wasn't to condone the behaviour of rioters, Plan B has used his position in music to make people aware of the hypocrisy and derogatory views that some have towards the less fortunate.

Here a few quotes from Plan B's interview with Mista Jam in which he expresses a real understanding for the subject of the song:

"We are all, in the simplest form, animals and when we are backed into a corner we lash out."

"I wanna know why it happened and how we're going to prevent it from happening again."

" I wrote it for the forgotten kids of society that no-one represents"

As opposed to running away from the delicate subject of the song, Plan B has delved right into attacking the subject head on. He has literally said a massive fuck you to society. So take that world.



  1. I really rate Plan B for doing this. I'm not saying the riots where good, but I do think its important that we don't look at everything so black and white.
    Great blog, I'm now following you :)

  2. I love Plan B's diversity, very controversial! I saw Plan B last year and he was amazing, xx


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