Thursday, 8 March 2012

Never Let Me Go

Latest video from Florence and the Machine for Never Let Me Go.
I love the haunting effect that it has, especially with lines 'arms of the ocean' and 'sinner like me' being sung beautifully on top. The chimes in the song combine perfectly with the misty scene that is created on the ice rink. Florence just has a wonderful way of writing gothic lyrics but manages to use delicate instruments behind the words and the two work perfectly together.
Have a listen to the track from the album Ceremonials:
Also, if you love Florence's way of creating imagery, melodies and just gorgeous artistry in general as much as i do then i'm sure you would love to watch the behind the scenes video.



  1. I was never a fan of Florence but I've really grown to like her, this video is amazing :-) xx

  2. I just love Florence, went to see her a few years ago and she didn't disapoint!

  3. i love florence!! people used to call me florence (cause im ginger) i secretly loved it hehe x

  4. i am addicted to this song ahh, the entire album is so beautiful

  5. i love this, her voice is hauntingly beautiful <3


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