Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Kay + Cole

No words. This piece of music and imagery is just too wonderful. Cole Mohr is my actual love and this video just solidifies that. The cutest version of 'Umbrella' is laced over this quirkily romantic montage and i love the imperfect quality to the video; as if to reflect the relationship between the two characters. With phone calls intertwined in the midst of a lovely piece of film, it really builds up emotions for the viewer to empathise. Have a listen for when Cole says
"Hey Juliet, it's Romeo. Umm, i love you. Bye."
because it actually melts my heart.


Sunday, 27 November 2011

Emeli Sandé: Daddy

I absolutely adore this song and Emeli Sandé's voice. After hearing her acoustically perform 'Daddy' on the Xtra Factor (not to mention her insanely good A64 with sbtv), i immediately fell in love with the song. The verse which starts with slightly eerie churchbell sounds, as well as a wonderful melody for the lyrics, steadily builds into the incredibly catchy chorus. Having written hits for Tinie Tempah, Cheryl Cole and Leona Lewis, Emeli is slowly climbing her way up to being one of my favourite female artists at the moment. This single is out today...so go buy it! :)
If you're still not convinced then check out this immenseness :)


Thursday, 24 November 2011


Event: Rihanna LOUD Tour 2011 ft. Calvin Harris
Date: 22nd November
Time: 7.30pm
The lights went down and the crowd roared as the arena was illuminated with patterns fueled by the techno beats of Calvin Harris. Making a strong entrance on a stage surrounded by visual delights, the bass pounded through the floor getting everyone bouncing. Starting with some of his own work, Calvin then went on to mix some of the biggest dance tunes of 2011, such as Save The World and Changed The Way You Kiss Me, with his signature electronic sounds and a hint of dubstep. The rhythmic beats got the whole arena clapping and this expertly planned warm-up set (believe me, i could've watched/danced/partied to him for many more hours) was topped off penultimately with Feels So Close but ended with We Found Love; everyone was most certainly now hyped for Rihanna.
After a small break for everyone to compose themselves which included a technician on the stage jeering the crowd to sing and myself getting told that my hair was hitting someone in the face, it was time for the main performance. As the lights dimmed, a video montage of Rihanna looking stunning yet sensual played on the screens which added suspense to the awaiting crowd. Once the musical interlude slowly faded away, the beat hit and Rihanna appeared as the we sang along to the familiar 'la-la-la-laa' of Only Girl In The World. Moving across the stage whilst dancing, singing and teasing the audience, Rihanna got everyone in the party mood. Wasting no time getting warmed up, we were soon thrusted into the strong synth beats of S&M as Rihanna changed into a little less attire and began grinding amongst her dancers. This was reciprocated on the spectators and certainly myself as we loosened our hips and danced with Rihanna as  if she was our best friend. I love her carefree attitude and how she can so easily make people move with her.
Slowing things down for a good old sing song, we watched in awe as she sang her more emotional songs Unfaithful, Hate That I Love You and California King Bed...i was convinced that i saw a tear form which makes me love Rihanna's performing ability even more. This powerful emotive atmosphere was soon shaken off when we were hauled into the old favourites of Pon De Replay, Shut Up And Drive and Please Don't Stop The Music.
On the heels of a wonderful performance of Love The Way You Lie in which Rihanna showed off her wonderful voice whilst sat on a piano high in the air, the show was closed with We Found Love. This song was such a great end to a wonderful night as everybody let their inhibitions run wild and embraced the lyrics 'yellow diamonds in the light and we're standing side by side'. Red, white and blue confetti streamed above our heads as we jumped to the last remnants of a wonderful night. Rihanna has certainly fulfilled my hopes and still maintains as one of my favourite female performers today.
I wore my Rihanna tee today to proclaim my love to the world...and to say 'i saw Rihanna last night and it rocked' ahaha. Who can say that your outfit is bad when you have Rihanna's face on it?

Monday, 21 November 2011

La La Loving: SB.TV

So i'm guessing that many have heard of SB.TV, if not then where have you been? Originating from the London grime scene, SB.TV has now evolved into the UK's leading online youth broadcaster. Jamal Edwards and his team of passionate young adults explore the latest, most talented artists in the music industry and provide a new way to discover the latest talents.

Although i had previously heard of the music site before their 'From Bedroom To Boardroom' documentary show on T4; i'd never realised how versatile the featured music was. I thought that it was just grime and rap 'street-shots', which was the genre that Jamal started his website with, but since then SB.TV has expanded not only musically but has become an internet phenomenon. With music videos, interviews and the latest news, the youth have a fantastic way to keep updated with the music scene.

In my opinion, the best part is the A64 sessions, which are wonderful acoustic performances or covers:
I could listen to James' voice all day. It's so effortless and he has created a completely new rendition of Jessie J's song.
This is wonderful. I love this song, but acoustically Emilie Sande really comes into her own. Wonderful voice and wonderful song.

Yes, so it is completely necessary for everyone to delve themselves into the world of SB.TV as i am sure you will find at least one video or article that interests you. If not, i will personally walk outside with just my underwear on.


p.s. i am going to see Rihanna tomorrow and i cannot wait! waaaaah!

Friday, 18 November 2011

puis je serai a toi

Ah, the French language has yet again proved to me why it is the most romantic in the world. I love speaking and learning French and when i listened to this song (via trixiave) i fell in love with the language on a whole new level. Corbeau, meaning Raven, by Coeur de Pirate, meaning Pirate Heart, is such a lovely song that even if you can't understand the language you can feel the wonderfully raw emotions within the lyrics. However, my French loving mind (...as well as google translator) helped me to understand the meaning behind this lovely gem.
      Corbeau // Coeur de Pirate
I love the repetition of 'deux par deux' and 'trois par trois' as well as these lyrics:
Et deux par deux, on avale nos mots
C'est dur d'oublier se qu l'on a connu qui a imprégné nos peaux
And two by two, we swallow our words
It's hard to forget what you know and what permeates our skin
This verse just gets to me. The thought of things happening to you that stay with you forever is wonderful, good or bad, as it makes you who you are.
I'm totally going to be listening to Coeur de Pirate for many a weeks to come, such a lovely way to begin to independently study a language. Here are some other French phrases that melted my heart this week :)
p.s.here is the English tranlastion for those interested
p.s.s two weeks until my birthday! woohoo! :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sam and Eliza

This song is such perfection. Eliza Doolittle and Sam Mccarthy have wonderful voices that together create a beautiful duet. I love the underlying cello drone that adds a melancholy tone to the song underneath the slightly imperfect guitar strumming, which makes the music even more endeering. The imagery within the lyrics in the first verse paints a portrait of this bittersweet song that reminisces on past memories of a couple that will never be the same again. My heart absolutely melts when the two sing in a call and response format and Sam's 'character' wishes he'd done things differently, with Eliza saying that they'll never know how it could've been. Awh, the sense of romance and heartbreak intertwined is so beautiful. Just wonderful.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mummy, I Want To Be A Princess

Well this week has been rather busy so i thought i would have a bit of a lazy Sunday diary post, possibly a regular feature? maybe.
"Mummy, i want to be a princess" I'm sure these words have escaped every girls lips at some point when their favourite Disney princess waltzed across the screen in a flowing gown with her prince by her side. I always joked about it with friends but in the back of my mind i seceretly wished it would come true. I'm currently in year 11 and that means i have to start thinking about my A Level options. I am generally known for being indecisive which really doesn't help the situation but i have whittled my options down to French, English Literature, Biology and Music...a nice random range of subjects but i'm still unsure as to what i plan to do in the future.
The careers that i have considered pursuing are creative yet intellectually challenging at the same time; i certainly don't want a job where i'm sat at a computer surrounded by four white walls everyday. Only a few months ago i was contemplating going into the fashion and textiles industry and becoming a costume designer for film and theatre but as i have been doing my GCSE Textiles course for over a year now, i have come to the conclusion that it isn't for me. I underestimated how much work goes behind putting together a garment and have become uninterested in the fabric knowledge needed. However, i would love to be a part of the music industry and i've thought numerous times about possibly exploring music journalism or working in the events and production side of creating a show, this would combine two of my chosen options perfectly. Alternatively, i am fascinated with the science behind the complexity of the human body and how we work so i wouldn't mind studying this further as i have also considered teaching science. Money-wise, obviously i would love a well paid job but i think that it's much more important to be doing  something you love rather than to be solely focused on the paycheck. If i had an average paid job but it allowed me to be constantly introduced to beautiful places, interesting people and amazing new experiences then i can honestly say that it wouldn't bother me.
Overall, a career that allows me to explore the wonderful world we live in and meet new people everyday whilst challenging myself to learn would be perfect.

Here's a lovely John Lennon quote to end this oddly helpful little post:
When I was five years old, my mother told me that happiness was the key to life.
When I went to school, they asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up. I wrote down 'happy'.
They told me i didn't understand the assignment and i told them they didn't understand life.
John Lennon
images via weheartit

Thursday, 10 November 2011

We All Live Our Lives In The Confines Of Fear

Lay your ears upon this little gem of a song - The Fear // Ben Howard
During my journey back home, The Fear by Ben Howard came on the radio and i had one of those moments where you pretend you're in a movie and stare deeply out of the window; my scenario being that i had just realised my life was being shaped by people around me, telling me what to wear, what to do and what to be like therefore shaping me to become someone who i am not. Woah, deep words. Anyway, that is basically my interpretation of this song, which has b-e-a-utiful lyrics with an actual meaning - none of that 'swagger jagger' crap.
I also listened to some more of Ben's material and i am enchanted, such a great lyricist and i adore the folksy guitar elements that intertwine so perfectly with his unique voice. I recommend you have a listen to Old Pine (<absolutely love this intro!) and Keep Your Head Up, both with as stunningly beautiful videos as the music. Ah, new obssession.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Video Games

Although it's a little bit of a delayed reaction in regards to a post on this, i still love this wonderful song by Lana Del Ray as much as i did the first time i heard it. There's something beautifully melancholy about her voice and i love this live rendition of Video Games. Enjoy.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Autumn / Winter is my favourite time of the year (yes, i'm a December baby) and being in the midst of the lovely autumnal colours, dewy mornings and darker nights, i thought it would be appropriate for a little picture post showing all the great things about this season. Here's what i love:
Oversized Jumpers · Autumnal footwear · Getting home and snuggling up in a blanket with my laptop · After school comfort food · Walking / going on adventures in the woodlands · Using my cats as hot water bottles

Am i the only one who, after a long day at school, breaks into the biscuit tin, grabs a handful of calorific goodness, sits with the television on as background noise and chillaxes by reading about the happenings in other people's lives via facebook, blogspot and twitter? There's something about Autumn that makes this act of doing nothing productive perfectly acceptable. I personally think that there's nothing better than getting in from a rainy walk home, hanging your clothes on the radiator then snuggling up with your slipper socks on, comfort food in hand and unwinding whilst watching the latest offerings of reality tv. I just love Autumn and everything it brings, especially those sunny mornings that have a sharp coldness in the air so you can wrap up in your wooliest scarf; i got too excited the first time i brought mine out this year. I hope everyone is having a lovely Autumn so far...bring on Winter i suppose :)
What are your favourite Autumnal moments?

images via weheartit
p.s. i got the inspiration to do this post from Sofia's Journal, such a lovely blog.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

La La Loving: Rizzle Kicks

YAY! YAY! YAY! I just got tickets to go and see RIZZLE KICKS in February and i cannot control myself right now. Deep breaths Mols, deep breaths. My friend Emily and i have been walking on clouds this week just thinking about the prospect of seeing our loves Jordan and Harley live. Sat listening to their album, Stereotypical, i am really not helping myself just before i go to bed by getting this amped up. WOOOH! Anywho, i thought this would be an appropriate time to do a little artist / album review: 

I have loved Rizzle Kicks for a while now. Having previously listened to raw mixtapes and live sets before their album dropped three days ago, i fell in love with their fresh sound; mixing hip-hop beats with brass elements and ska vibes. There's something very universal about the duo's music due to an element of every genre imaginable being incorporated into this incredible album. Without a sight nor sound of a depressinig love song, Rizzle Kicks have brought a refreshing change to the music scene, which these days is so full of pessemistic views on the world. Their fun, youthful outlook create engaging lyrics and this is reflected in the upbeat rhythms. With Jordan's rapping and Harley's singing side by side as well as their insane style, i don't understand how you couldn't love them.
My favourite tracks were...i can't even decide. I just highly recommend that everyone purchases (and not illegaly downloads!) Stereotypical. Wonderful.

p.s. imma be busting my 'Mama Do The Hump' dance all the doo da day

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Rewind: Bang Bang

Rewinding back to the sixties with a song covered by Nancy Sinatra. Such engagingly mysterious lyrics and a wonderful voice. I love old school music and i love this.

p.s. i totally had a jazz jam sesh in music today singing songs by the likes of George Gershwin and Nina Simone. In my absolute element.

Bang Bang
Nancy Sinatra