Sunday, 6 November 2011


Autumn / Winter is my favourite time of the year (yes, i'm a December baby) and being in the midst of the lovely autumnal colours, dewy mornings and darker nights, i thought it would be appropriate for a little picture post showing all the great things about this season. Here's what i love:
Oversized Jumpers · Autumnal footwear · Getting home and snuggling up in a blanket with my laptop · After school comfort food · Walking / going on adventures in the woodlands · Using my cats as hot water bottles

Am i the only one who, after a long day at school, breaks into the biscuit tin, grabs a handful of calorific goodness, sits with the television on as background noise and chillaxes by reading about the happenings in other people's lives via facebook, blogspot and twitter? There's something about Autumn that makes this act of doing nothing productive perfectly acceptable. I personally think that there's nothing better than getting in from a rainy walk home, hanging your clothes on the radiator then snuggling up with your slipper socks on, comfort food in hand and unwinding whilst watching the latest offerings of reality tv. I just love Autumn and everything it brings, especially those sunny mornings that have a sharp coldness in the air so you can wrap up in your wooliest scarf; i got too excited the first time i brought mine out this year. I hope everyone is having a lovely Autumn so far...bring on Winter i suppose :)
What are your favourite Autumnal moments?

images via weheartit
p.s. i got the inspiration to do this post from Sofia's Journal, such a lovely blog.


  1. lovely photos... the shots really tells a different tale of its own.. autumn is really the best time of the year where it is justifiable to do nothing at times because of the cool and comfy weather... love love love your post.. kissess!!!

  2. Beaut selection of photos!
    And its weird because you described my exact life....everyday I get home from school, run to the sofa, snuggle up in gigantic fluffy socks and a blanket and scour blogspot, facebook and twitter whilst watching crappy tv.....

  3. A gorgeous post! I totally use my kitty as a hot water bottle! She doesnt mind.. usually heheh ;)

    Mmm nutella is a winter fave for me too. Best pickmeup in the morning before I head off to work!

  4. Beautiful post. My favourite autumnal things are drinking egg nogg latte's while sitting infront of a warm fire blogging and eating cereal! yum yum! ♥

  5. love what you wrote.. really cute post!

  6. Thank you so much for the comment on my Halloween post!
    Your blog is so cute! I agree, I love autumn for the fact you can just snuggle up in bed with your laptop as you stare at the freezing people outside your window hehe :)

  7. Lovely post.
    Cats as hot water bottles, you should patent that one.
    I love the snow !

  8. thank you for the comment!
    i love winter, it's an excuse to eat loads of cake. i just say im building up my fat layer for the cold days ahead

    chlo x

  9. Gorgeous selection of images! I love the second to last one :)
    And no, you're not the only one breaks open the biscuits as soon as you get in! Sometimes I munch my way through an entire packet :o

  10. Aw this the loveliest post! Autumn is my favourite, and these selection of pictures are wonderful.
    Lovely blog :-) x

  11. i looove your interest in music! the stuff you like is really different and really easy listening :) +rizzle kicks <3 yumyumlovethem <3 i love all your autumn pics too :P yum yum knitted stuff and tea in bed <3 really love your blog! following xxx

  12. I absolutely love the socks! I got some doc martens the other day for my birthday, I love them! <3

  13. adore this post!! makes me wish it was cold and rainy ;) X


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