Monday, 21 November 2011

La La Loving: SB.TV

So i'm guessing that many have heard of SB.TV, if not then where have you been? Originating from the London grime scene, SB.TV has now evolved into the UK's leading online youth broadcaster. Jamal Edwards and his team of passionate young adults explore the latest, most talented artists in the music industry and provide a new way to discover the latest talents.

Although i had previously heard of the music site before their 'From Bedroom To Boardroom' documentary show on T4; i'd never realised how versatile the featured music was. I thought that it was just grime and rap 'street-shots', which was the genre that Jamal started his website with, but since then SB.TV has expanded not only musically but has become an internet phenomenon. With music videos, interviews and the latest news, the youth have a fantastic way to keep updated with the music scene.

In my opinion, the best part is the A64 sessions, which are wonderful acoustic performances or covers:
I could listen to James' voice all day. It's so effortless and he has created a completely new rendition of Jessie J's song.
This is wonderful. I love this song, but acoustically Emilie Sande really comes into her own. Wonderful voice and wonderful song.

Yes, so it is completely necessary for everyone to delve themselves into the world of SB.TV as i am sure you will find at least one video or article that interests you. If not, i will personally walk outside with just my underwear on.


p.s. i am going to see Rihanna tomorrow and i cannot wait! waaaaah!

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  1. I love sbtv! I have watched the Ed Sheeran video so many times. And omg have fun at Rihanna, lucky! x


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