Sunday, 25 November 2012

Into The Flame

Friday night was epic. I went to see Matt Corby perform at the HMV Institute Birmingham and it was possibly my favourite gig I've ever been to. Granted, it was no raving dance party but, in terms of talent, he was incredible.
 The gig itself was in a quite a small room so it was really intimate - I was literally two people away from Matt. Lucy Mason and Bears Den were the two support acts, both really talented too. Lucy had a gorgeous voice (I was mainly envious of her Australian accent) and Bears Den were a more folksy group. Me and Meghan were fascinated with the banjo and the drummer even started playing the bass and drums at the same time! And the fact that the lead singer looked like Francis Boulle. All the men appearing on stage were either bearded or Australian so I was in a good place.
After their performances, and numerous sound altercations, it was time for the main man...although he'd already walked across the stage a few times, going incognito in a hat. Heading straight to the microphone to perform, everyone went silent as he began to sing. His voice is infallible. He just had this way of creating an atmosphere that no-one dared to interrupt. Matt completely loses himself in the music, letting his emotion escape through his voice. He told us the story behind 'Untitled' when a girl, specifically the closest thing he'd had to love (he still hasn't met me), wrote him a letter about all the thing he'd down wrong in the relationship. Boo. Matt looked genuinely distraught, I just wanted to hug him. The encore included his cover of Lonely Boy and My False, two of my favourites.
Matt Corby is one of those rare musicians who sounds even better live.

Here's an interview he Matt did the following day -> outofthefamiliar

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I love rugby players so much. Wednesday night was only my second ever rugby match, the first one being around this time last year, and my oh my it was a good one: Leicester Tigers v Maori All Blacks. As in the Maoris from New Zealand. Hamuna hamuna.
We got there super early at the request of my friend Ellie who is a rugby fanatic, for the game and not just the players, and after refuelling at the fish and chip shop we assumed our position behind the NZ players' seat box. Before the game began, the Maoris did the Haka which was so exciting to watch. Their tribal calls echoed around the stadium, although the spectator behind us remarked "oh look it's the Spice Girls". Brilliant. Whilst there, I also found a variety of eligible future husbands; specifically Ed Slater and Jamison Gibson-Park. I'm such a rugby player whore. On a positive note, we won 32-24!

In other news, I went to see Kevin Bridges last night and it was hilarious.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Who's That Girrrrl

Just a little bit of a babble about my weekend really.
random firework pictures from weheartit    me and Sally dancing the Tanzania Dance

On Friday me and my homies went to watch fireworks at the local park for the third year in a row, so it's become a bit of a tradition now. The fireworks were pleasant enough but my lord it was freezing! I had walked at least two miles prior to standing in my flats on a cold, wet field. I would've worn my wellies but I was going to a party with my friend Hannah afterwards so I didn't want to look like a complete tramp...We warmed up inside for a bit after the spectacle, listened to some live music and watched enviously as some of my friends ate their Chinese food. Damn, that was a good idea.

After wandering around the village in the hope that it would pass some time so that everyone would be good and drunk before we arrived, me and Hannah headed to the party, in all our frizzy hair, casual clothing and fire-smelling selves. It was so funny at how terrified we were; the birthday boy was in the year above so we only knew a small handful of the people going. We crept up to the door but were greeted (thankfully) by some familiar faces. Most of the Tanzania crew was there too so we had a little reunion, with Sally and I resurrecting the Tanzania Dance.

Oh, and to top off the weekend, Benson from Tanzania said "missing you a lot dada" (dada meaning sister) to me on Facebook today. Yeah, be jealous. Anyway, to try and give this post a little bit of a purpose I just want to say that this is my favourite time of year. It's the perfect time to go running too, I went last night and was entertained by the fireworks exploding left, right and centre as well as a bit of drum and bass in the form of Camo and Krooked. Autumn/Winter is so pretty. But that's only if you wrap up warm and don't catch a cold folks.