Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Press Play for 2012

As the new year is just around the corner, i thought i would let you all know of some stunning artists that appeared on many 'ones to watch' lists. Here are a few musical talents that you should listen to because i am predicting big things for them in 2012.

Conor Maynard
Although Conor is yet to release his first track, the millions of hits on Youtube are evidence as to why Conor will be big next year. His natural singing talent is clear and i personally love his version of Only Girl In The World and his beautiful take on Use Somebody. With every cover, he produces a new rendition of the song through duets, mash-ups and even sampling some original work and is currently working on his debut album. Gosh, his voice is so addictive.

I first heard Delilah when she was featured on Chase and Status' track Time and i was instantly mesmerised by her pure yet very powerful voice. When her debut single was released i was similarly captivated by Delilah's voice and the unique trance beats that were rumbling underneath. Now that the equally brilliant track 'Love You So' has been released (accompanied by a great animalistic video, inspired by the tribalistic beats within the song) i cannot wait to see what Delilah's album has to offer.
Listen to: Love You So // Go

King Charles
Here is a prime example of why you don't judge a book by it's cover. Although the quite alternative writing style of this artist matches his kooky style, don't be decieved by his eccentric video as King Charles won the International Songwriting Competition in 2010. Oh yes. His debut single, Bam Bam, has a driving beat that is great for a feel good track to jump around to. It's definitely a song that will be stuck in your head all day. I love his wackiness.
Listen to: Bam Bam

Also, have a listen to Josh Osho's wonderful rendition of Jesus Walks here because it is just stunning.

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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Versatile Blogger Award
The Rules:
1. You must thank the person who awarded you the award including a shout-out with a link on your blog
2. Share seven random facts about yourself
3. Send the award on to fifteen other bloggers whose blogs you like and let them know about it.

Yay for my first blog award! Thankyou to Ellen (who everyone should go pay a visit to!) for choosing me as a blog she likes...even if we have a history of blogging so it was probably a bit biased ahaha. Anyway, this is a fun little post that i wanted to do so tadaaa...
facts about me:
·I can find something funny in absolutely anything.
·It baffles me how i am yet to find someone who shares the love i have for Travie McCoy.
·I'm working towards grade 8 on the flute and i taught myself to play the piano and guitar; although that doesn't mean i'm good at it.
·The term 'band geek' could be used to describe me due to the fact that i'm in a wind orchestra...yes, the American Pie band camp reference has been used many times.
·I used be part of a fashion blog created by myself and two of my friends, Ellen and Sian.
·I truly believe that Friends is the best tv programme on the planet and nothing will ever come close to how good it was / still is.
·Finally, i am a foodoholic - if it's edible it will be eaten.

Seen as i didn't want to go handing the award out willy-nilly (teehee...immature Mols) i didn't pass it on to the requested amount. However, i included a few blogs that aren't on 'blogger' that i also take inspiration from. Here are a few of my favourite blogs that i would like to pass this award on to:
Jane at deluminators
Melissa at retroloving
Sonia at dozendresses
Laura at lauraslw
Amy at amy-babyface
the world we live in
fashion fever


P.s. i kind of 'adjusted' the image, well i thought it needed a bit of an update, to fit in better with my blog so sorry if that offends the creator of this award.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Twas The Night Before Christmas...

Christmas decorations · Taking walks surrounded by the snowy scenery · Christmas movies! · Delicious food

"It's the most wonderful time of the year -ding-dong-ding-dong-"
There's only one more night to go until Santa makes his way down everyone's chimney and now that school has finished i am finally in the Christmas mood! I personally love seeing all the decorations and pretty lights everywhere, it's so festive. Although there is yet to be any snow where i live, i love seeing the street coated with a white frosting, not to mention how fun sliding on the ice can be.

However, my all time favourite thing about this time of year has got to be the Christmas films.  Every Christmas Eve, without fail, my mother and i watch Elf and tonight is certainly no exception. I'm going to use my scnazzy new Wagamama cooking book to whip up some sort of noodle dish and watch Elf in delight as i have done  for the past seven years or so. Speaking of cooking, Christmas is the time that i embrace food to the maximum; with helpings of yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and a good old roasted parsnip to warm my tummy, i am in my absolute element. I'm making lemon meringue pie and helping with the Christmas dinner, yummy.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas filled with the people you love and heavenly food.

Merry Christmas!
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

James Vincent McMorrow

Amidst all of the arguments and life stories drifting through facebook, someone posts a song like this.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is James Vincent McMorrow (aka the king of falsetto).

Also, have a listen to his beautiful live rendition of Someone Like You. James Vincent McMorrow is so lovely to listen to.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

As i mentioned in my previous post, last week i went to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 and i have to admit that i've become a bit of a fanatic, sorry in advance for any extravagant proclaiming of my love for the film.
Firstly, i don't think anyone can deny that the soundtrack for each Twilight film so far has been exceedingly good and Breaking Dawn part 1 is no exception.  It's overflowing with beautiful melodies and gorgeous, dreamy voices with a mix of slow songs as well as upbeat tunes with an essence of rock-style guitar riffs.

The Joy Formidable  Endtapes
Angus & Julia Stone  Love Will Take You
Bruno Mars  It Will Rain
Sleeping At Last  Turning Page
The Features  From Now On
Christina Perri  A Thousand Years
Theophilus London  Neighbours
The Belle Brigade  I Didn't Mean It
Noisettes  Sister Rosetta (2011 Version)
Cider Sky  Northern Lights
Iron & Wine  Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Wedding Version)
Imperial Mammoth  Requiem On Water
Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz  Cold
Mia Maestro  Llovera
Carter Burwell  Love Death Birth

Sleeping At Last wrote a track exclusively for the film and it is such a beautiful love song for Bella and Edward with the lines "i've waited one hundred years but i'd wait a million more for you". The simplistic piano accompaniment allows the melody of the voice to shine through and i adore how the song gradually progresses through instruments and lyrics, resulting in a string build up with a gorgeously soft symbol crash for the lyrics "i surrender who i've been for who you are" to burst through. Just beautiful.
Another of my favourites on the soundtrack is Cold, a wonderfully melancholic song by Aqualung and Lucy Schwartz. Accompanied by quite a haunting slow trill on the piano, the lyrics reflect the film perfectly even referring to "the lion and lamb" at one point. As the song progresses, both the female and male voices drone over the piano and create a dreamy musical piece but yet it still has the tinge of sadness underneath.
In contrast to the previous ballads, there are a few upbeat rock-influenced songs for those wonderful action
 scenes when we can see Taylor with his top off (*celebratory wiggle*). Sister Rosetta kicks in with bass strumming and a sure-to-get-your-foot-tapping drum beat. The Noisettes are such a good band for those feel good songs that have such an English rocker feel to them.
Finally, the composition that people will instantly connect with Twilight, Carter Burwells Love Death Birth. Starting with a magical use of orchestral instruments, the percussion soon sets in to create a driven rhythm with bass notes pounding it along. After a string section solo this then transforms into a beautiful piano and guitar duet with the orchestra slowly starting to return as the paace quickens and the music changes into a much more sinister piece. On the back of a dip into a darker coloured sound, Bella's Lullaby resumes and the familiar piano solo is resonated and finishes off the wonderful piece with a pause as the listener drifts off with their imagination. Oh my, this would so immense to play with the wind orchestra i'm in.

Overall, the soundtrack reflects the film and the emotions that come with it perfectly. I can't wait till the last film comes out and i can buy the box set - yay!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mollie's Musings: Birthday!

Well this week has been pretty busy so i thought i'd do a little summary:
My Millie's Cookies Cake! · Lovely cookbooks to get my hands on · Rihanna inspired outfit for my birthday party · Schnazzy new camera
Firstly, i went to see Breaking Dawn on Wednesday when school was off due to the public sector strike and i absolutely loved it...especially because the first scene showed Jacob / Taylor taking his top off in the rain. Kristen looked too beautiful in the wedding scene (new girl crush alert) and when Bella became painfully thin, it certainly had the desired uncomftable effect on the audience. The eagerly awaited love scene between Edward and Bella (although i would have much rather seen Taylor Lautner with his top off a bit more) was so beautifully done; the music accompanying it made the scene so lovely to watch and not in the slightest bit awkward which i had expected. The Twilight films always have the best soundtracks, definitely a post on that soon...

If you follow me on twitter then you might have known that it was my sixteenth birthday on Friday and i was only really excited about getting my Millie's Cookies Cake ahaha - it was delicious! I also recieved a very schnazzy new camera for my birthday and i can't wait to learn how to use it properly so i can play around with all the effects and what not as well as use my new cookbooks - Wagamama's is so good.
Today was a lazy day after my fancy dress party (never again, my house was a tip) and me and my mother went to my Grandma's house where she cooked up the most gorgeous Sunday Roast. I also went to see My Week With Marylin today and it was really interesting to see how complex of a character she truly was. I just love films that are set in a historical era, particularly the 50's and 30's, because i find seeing how different culture was and the style at that time so interesting.

I still don't feel old enough to be sixteen...cue sentimental quote,
"Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."

Now i shall watch 'A Night With Beyonce'and will most probably be staring at the television like i don't know what.
How has everyone else's week been? :)

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