Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Versatile Blogger Award
The Rules:
1. You must thank the person who awarded you the award including a shout-out with a link on your blog
2. Share seven random facts about yourself
3. Send the award on to fifteen other bloggers whose blogs you like and let them know about it.

Yay for my first blog award! Thankyou to Ellen (who everyone should go pay a visit to!) for choosing me as a blog she likes...even if we have a history of blogging so it was probably a bit biased ahaha. Anyway, this is a fun little post that i wanted to do so tadaaa...
facts about me:
·I can find something funny in absolutely anything.
·It baffles me how i am yet to find someone who shares the love i have for Travie McCoy.
·I'm working towards grade 8 on the flute and i taught myself to play the piano and guitar; although that doesn't mean i'm good at it.
·The term 'band geek' could be used to describe me due to the fact that i'm in a wind orchestra...yes, the American Pie band camp reference has been used many times.
·I used be part of a fashion blog created by myself and two of my friends, Ellen and Sian.
·I truly believe that Friends is the best tv programme on the planet and nothing will ever come close to how good it was / still is.
·Finally, i am a foodoholic - if it's edible it will be eaten.

Seen as i didn't want to go handing the award out willy-nilly (teehee...immature Mols) i didn't pass it on to the requested amount. However, i included a few blogs that aren't on 'blogger' that i also take inspiration from. Here are a few of my favourite blogs that i would like to pass this award on to:
Jane at deluminators
Melissa at retroloving
Sonia at dozendresses
Laura at lauraslw
Amy at amy-babyface
the world we live in
fashion fever


P.s. i kind of 'adjusted' the image, well i thought it needed a bit of an update, to fit in better with my blog so sorry if that offends the creator of this award.


  1. Woah grade eight flute?! impressive x

  2. Just had a read through the fashion blog. You should deffo start up again! :) xxx

  3. congrats! I totally agree about friends, nothing will ever beat it. & Travie McCoy is heavenly <3


  4. Well done! And yes, Friends is the best x

  5. Aw thank you for choosing my blog! I adore yours, you have just made me really happy :) I'm a loser sometimes gosh xxx

  6. Thanks for tagging me, Mollie!
    Wow, you're really musical - I quit piano after a year of playing when I was 7 and played guitar for a coupole of years before losing interest, haha.

  7. thankyou so much! sorry this is a bit of a late thankyou, i havn't been blogging much recently!
    I must get round to doing this post myself :) xo


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