Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mollie's Musings: Birthday!

Well this week has been pretty busy so i thought i'd do a little summary:
My Millie's Cookies Cake! · Lovely cookbooks to get my hands on · Rihanna inspired outfit for my birthday party · Schnazzy new camera
Firstly, i went to see Breaking Dawn on Wednesday when school was off due to the public sector strike and i absolutely loved it...especially because the first scene showed Jacob / Taylor taking his top off in the rain. Kristen looked too beautiful in the wedding scene (new girl crush alert) and when Bella became painfully thin, it certainly had the desired uncomftable effect on the audience. The eagerly awaited love scene between Edward and Bella (although i would have much rather seen Taylor Lautner with his top off a bit more) was so beautifully done; the music accompanying it made the scene so lovely to watch and not in the slightest bit awkward which i had expected. The Twilight films always have the best soundtracks, definitely a post on that soon...

If you follow me on twitter then you might have known that it was my sixteenth birthday on Friday and i was only really excited about getting my Millie's Cookies Cake ahaha - it was delicious! I also recieved a very schnazzy new camera for my birthday and i can't wait to learn how to use it properly so i can play around with all the effects and what not as well as use my new cookbooks - Wagamama's is so good.
Today was a lazy day after my fancy dress party (never again, my house was a tip) and me and my mother went to my Grandma's house where she cooked up the most gorgeous Sunday Roast. I also went to see My Week With Marylin today and it was really interesting to see how complex of a character she truly was. I just love films that are set in a historical era, particularly the 50's and 30's, because i find seeing how different culture was and the style at that time so interesting.

I still don't feel old enough to be sixteen...cue sentimental quote,
"Don't regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many."

Now i shall watch 'A Night With Beyonce'and will most probably be staring at the television like i don't know what.
How has everyone else's week been? :)

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  1. haha funny post and happy birthday!! btw...i love your 1D poster haha!! :P Xx

  2. i didn't think anyone would notice! ahaha :)


  3. Happy birthday pretty! I just started following ur blog!

    xoxo ♥

  4. Happy belated birthday! Your cake looks amazing and you looked too cute in your outfit. thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a new follower, would love if you followed back.xx

  5. awww! happy birthday or friday! glad you had a good day! You know what I've never really been into the twilight films, but i seem to be becoming a bit of an addict now though!!!! can't wait to watch the latest one! sounds like it was good though :) xx

  6. hope you had an amazing birthday! i really want a millie's cookie now, yours looks delicious! following your blog, i love it. xxx

  7. Arrr, happy Birthday you little cutie! I love the cookie with your name on, I'd have eaten it up in one go! xx

  8. Aw, happy birthday lovely!! I sooo wanna see Breaking Dawn + A Week with Marilyn-they look amazingggggggg. Love your style + your camera looks so cool, cant wait to see the snaps you get with it Xxx

  9. Aw glad you had a good birthday, that cake looks amazing! I haven't seen My Week With Marylin but I really want to. Ahhh what I'd give to be 16 again! I'm 21 in a couple of months - so not cool! x

    Natalie | Just a Thought

  10. Aww the cake looks so yummy. Hope you have an amazing time on your 16th you suure deserve it :)

  11. the cake is amazing ! happy birthday !

  12. I absolutely love your outfit! Very much my style! Rihanna is like my style hero! xxxx

  13. Sehr geiler Blog, du machst tolle bilder :>
    Man sieht richtig das du dir mühe gibst (:
    Ich würde mich riesig freuen wenn du auch mal bei mir vorbei schauen würdest ;p
    Liebe Grüße


  14. Dein blog ist echt schön.
    hast dir einen neuden leser
    geangelt. ich würde mich freuen
    wenn du mich mal auf meinem Blog
    besuchen würdest ;>

  15. happy belated birthday! your blog is adorable, i followed :D

  16. Thanks for the lovely comment! Love the cupcake book!

  17. Oh I love those cookbooks. You have such a lovely blog. Funny thing actually, my new teacher that takes me for my Interior Design class actually designed one of the Wagamama restaurants in London!
    Followed you :)

  18. thanks for the comment! Looks like you had great presents. Great cake too! :)


  19. Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

  20. claaaassic millies cookie cake! x

  21. thanks for commenting on my blog :) hope you had a fabulous birthday & I love films from other eras too! ♥

  22. Cute bday outfit! and cookie cake=the best.

    found the route

  23. happy birthday! that cake is adorable :) love it!

  24. I love old movies too! They're just so much more elegant- or glamorous, than today's movies. They're more innocent too.

  25. Happy birthday. That cake looks tasty.

  26. That looks delicious!!
    follow me back :)

  27. hey thanks for the lovely comment :)
    happy birthday too , I love ur quote. growing up is definitely sth new and tempting. wht do u think of following each other on blog?? :)


  28. so nice!
    merry christmas!


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