Wednesday, 23 April 2014


And the award for the latest Coachella post goes to Mols. #degas.
Coachella is not at the very top of my list of festivals to go to - Tomorrowland obviously holds number one spot, hello, followed by Creamfields and Outlook - but it is by far the most stylish. It seems like most people (at least the ones who are photographed) care more about what they wear than what they hear; I imagine it to be like "Dance? Oh no honey not in these new garbs". But as usual Vanessa Hudgens looked perfect. She is Coachella personified.

Friday, 11 April 2014


Holy crap this is wonderful. A great showcase of how powerful  m u s i c  can be minus all this booty jerking and lyrics about "bitches poppin' molly" we seem to be flooded with these days.

This is perfect for revision too, without any distracting lyrics and just this dude's guitar's sweet, sweet tones.