Thursday, 10 November 2011

We All Live Our Lives In The Confines Of Fear

Lay your ears upon this little gem of a song - The Fear // Ben Howard
During my journey back home, The Fear by Ben Howard came on the radio and i had one of those moments where you pretend you're in a movie and stare deeply out of the window; my scenario being that i had just realised my life was being shaped by people around me, telling me what to wear, what to do and what to be like therefore shaping me to become someone who i am not. Woah, deep words. Anyway, that is basically my interpretation of this song, which has b-e-a-utiful lyrics with an actual meaning - none of that 'swagger jagger' crap.
I also listened to some more of Ben's material and i am enchanted, such a great lyricist and i adore the folksy guitar elements that intertwine so perfectly with his unique voice. I recommend you have a listen to Old Pine (<absolutely love this intro!) and Keep Your Head Up, both with as stunningly beautiful videos as the music. Ah, new obssession.


  1. Cher Lloyd = a very unfortunate representation of our music tastes and something I hope people won't remember about our time when they're looking at ancient history in the year 5000!

    ANYWAY I love this song it's kind of a shame Ben howard isn't as big as he deserves to be - at the same time it's nice because you really feel like he's making the music for himself :)


  2. Ohh Thanks for sharing this, I've been listening to Ben Howard's stuff recently, it's such a shame he isnt more known yet, hopefully he'll get there! xx

  3. Hey Beauty (:
    Firstly I want to thank you for your loveley words and for following me ♥
    Reading such cute comments always makes me happy, really! (:

    I love your covers, your voice is so stunning!
    keep on singing please, i love it (:

  4. i absolutely love this song, thanks for sharing! As for a. the whole "you pretend you're in a movie and stare deeply out of the window;" I'm so glad that other people do that too...for me, music has to mean something in order to be good, and most of what's "popular" doesn't exactly have substance, ya know? I'm so glad that you had that epiphany too, good for you :)

  5. i'm always looking for new music, so thanks for sharing! i had not heard of ben howard before, and i already know i like him from the few songs you posted. my favourite of the bunch is old pine :)

    i'm not much into the "swagger jagger" stuff that you speak of, hahaha. ..though i must admit i sometimes get hooked on some teeny bopper crap on the radio!

  6. Wow it's great that you felt so connected to the song!
    Teenage Daydreams X

  7. I really agree with the stuff you said about lyrics. Lyrics can make or break a song for me. I notice that in the songs I love, most of them I love because the lyrics really resonate.

  8. I've been listening to him a lot recently too - mellow & melodic, perfect traveling music. just booked tickets for his tour next year. xxx

  9. i love ben howard, his album is beautiful! definitely following xxx


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