Thursday, 3 November 2011

La La Loving: Rizzle Kicks

YAY! YAY! YAY! I just got tickets to go and see RIZZLE KICKS in February and i cannot control myself right now. Deep breaths Mols, deep breaths. My friend Emily and i have been walking on clouds this week just thinking about the prospect of seeing our loves Jordan and Harley live. Sat listening to their album, Stereotypical, i am really not helping myself just before i go to bed by getting this amped up. WOOOH! Anywho, i thought this would be an appropriate time to do a little artist / album review: 

I have loved Rizzle Kicks for a while now. Having previously listened to raw mixtapes and live sets before their album dropped three days ago, i fell in love with their fresh sound; mixing hip-hop beats with brass elements and ska vibes. There's something very universal about the duo's music due to an element of every genre imaginable being incorporated into this incredible album. Without a sight nor sound of a depressinig love song, Rizzle Kicks have brought a refreshing change to the music scene, which these days is so full of pessemistic views on the world. Their fun, youthful outlook create engaging lyrics and this is reflected in the upbeat rhythms. With Jordan's rapping and Harley's singing side by side as well as their insane style, i don't understand how you couldn't love them.
My favourite tracks were...i can't even decide. I just highly recommend that everyone purchases (and not illegaly downloads!) Stereotypical. Wonderful.

p.s. imma be busting my 'Mama Do The Hump' dance all the doo da day


  1. cool post! love these guys, especially their You Need Me, I Don't Need You remix! + saw em on Celeb Juice last night and they were HILAIR! x

  2. Words cannot describe how much I adore Rizzlekicks!!! I've seen them live and they were AMAZING, easily the best act at Reading! They make sucha crazy atmosphere, they brought out waterguns and were squirting the crowd it was hilarious. All the girls took off there bras and were throwing it at them and Harley was putting them all on it was so funny!! xx

  3. congratulations!!! its nice that you got tickets.... you have a nice review of them,, hope you'll enjoy when the big day comes....kissess!!!

  4. Can't say I've heard of Rizzle Kicks but I'll give them a check out! It's always amazing when you see your favourite band play live! The butterflies are certainly the good kind!

  5. i have not heard of rizzle kicks, but YAY YAY YAY! for getting the tickets :) probably a bit too early to say this, but have fun!

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  7. Riizzleeeeee Kickss!!!! Jealous You've got tickets- Totally love them, theyre amazing :)

  8. Oooh nice! I love that pic of them on the left, they look so stoned but cute :)


  9. i absolutely adore rizzle kicks! i've been listening to their songs non stop for months, my current favourite song (and video!) is most definitely miss cigarette :) i'm so hoping to get tickets to see them live myself!


  10. ahhh i'm obsessed with rizzle kicks, i love their sort of laid back but still upbeat sound.
    really nice blog, we have a similar music taste.
    thank you so much for following my blog, i'm following back!

    f xoxo


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