Thursday, 24 November 2011


Event: Rihanna LOUD Tour 2011 ft. Calvin Harris
Date: 22nd November
Time: 7.30pm
The lights went down and the crowd roared as the arena was illuminated with patterns fueled by the techno beats of Calvin Harris. Making a strong entrance on a stage surrounded by visual delights, the bass pounded through the floor getting everyone bouncing. Starting with some of his own work, Calvin then went on to mix some of the biggest dance tunes of 2011, such as Save The World and Changed The Way You Kiss Me, with his signature electronic sounds and a hint of dubstep. The rhythmic beats got the whole arena clapping and this expertly planned warm-up set (believe me, i could've watched/danced/partied to him for many more hours) was topped off penultimately with Feels So Close but ended with We Found Love; everyone was most certainly now hyped for Rihanna.
After a small break for everyone to compose themselves which included a technician on the stage jeering the crowd to sing and myself getting told that my hair was hitting someone in the face, it was time for the main performance. As the lights dimmed, a video montage of Rihanna looking stunning yet sensual played on the screens which added suspense to the awaiting crowd. Once the musical interlude slowly faded away, the beat hit and Rihanna appeared as the we sang along to the familiar 'la-la-la-laa' of Only Girl In The World. Moving across the stage whilst dancing, singing and teasing the audience, Rihanna got everyone in the party mood. Wasting no time getting warmed up, we were soon thrusted into the strong synth beats of S&M as Rihanna changed into a little less attire and began grinding amongst her dancers. This was reciprocated on the spectators and certainly myself as we loosened our hips and danced with Rihanna as  if she was our best friend. I love her carefree attitude and how she can so easily make people move with her.
Slowing things down for a good old sing song, we watched in awe as she sang her more emotional songs Unfaithful, Hate That I Love You and California King Bed...i was convinced that i saw a tear form which makes me love Rihanna's performing ability even more. This powerful emotive atmosphere was soon shaken off when we were hauled into the old favourites of Pon De Replay, Shut Up And Drive and Please Don't Stop The Music.
On the heels of a wonderful performance of Love The Way You Lie in which Rihanna showed off her wonderful voice whilst sat on a piano high in the air, the show was closed with We Found Love. This song was such a great end to a wonderful night as everybody let their inhibitions run wild and embraced the lyrics 'yellow diamonds in the light and we're standing side by side'. Red, white and blue confetti streamed above our heads as we jumped to the last remnants of a wonderful night. Rihanna has certainly fulfilled my hopes and still maintains as one of my favourite female performers today.
I wore my Rihanna tee today to proclaim my love to the world...and to say 'i saw Rihanna last night and it rocked' ahaha. Who can say that your outfit is bad when you have Rihanna's face on it?


  1. Omg i'm such a big fan of Rihanna, for 5 years already. She came to the Netherlands but i couldn't go.. the pictures are very nice! :D x

  2. I have always loved how Rihanna dresses and I love your Rihanna shirt! you are lucky!
    by the way, check out the last nail post I did... I think you'll like it!

  3. thanks for your comment on my blog, mollie! :)


  4. Aww you lucky things! Sounds like you had an amazing time and I love your t-shirt :)

  5. You are so cute! Aww man i've never really listened to Rhianna but that concert does sound pretty special O_O! xx

  6. loved the way you write, you are so lucky to see rhianna, love your tee shirt xx

  7. love her style always crazy but perfect ! Nice blog and cute shirt ! xoxo

  8. OMG, j'adore ton tee shirt !
    Bisous, Noémie ♥

  9. her outfit changes are always so crazy and exciting!
    100 follower Dior Mascara giveaway!

  10. Lucky you, I love your hair!


  11. omgosh lucky you! the concert sounded awesome!! and i love your top - following ya! :D Xx

  12. love the t-shirt, you're so lucky! i'd love to see her live.

  13. yeah the music video for that song is amazing! I like that shirt too (especially considering it's a concert shirt!)


  14. That's so cool! you know I have never been to a concert?! I really want to soon.

    xx Carina

  15. I love Rihanna's music! Jealous that you were able to see her live, that really must have been amazing.

    x Michelle |

  16. Love your shirt! Man, I wish I was there. That looked like so much fun. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Following you dear. xx

  17. That set looks amazing! Very jealous. Hope you had an amazing time.

    Laura x

  18. Oh I would've loved to have seen her!! I bet it was amazing. Such good photos :)

    sweet monday

  19. soooo jealous this looks amazing!!!xx


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