Monday, 19 March 2012

Big Easy Express

      Big Easy Express

I should really be asleep at this time of night but i've just had a surge of inspiration pumped into me in the form of this trailer for the film 'Big Easy Express'. So imma write about it.

The film by Emmett Malloy documents the journey of three bands from San Fransisco to New Orleans. As Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Mumford and Sons, and Old Crow Medicine Show abandon their normal routines to travel across America on a vintage train, they set off on a "tour of dreams". Stopping off to play sold out shows, the film is bound to be a good one; not only for the insight into the wonderful moments that they endure but also for the live music performances.

"2800 miles, a week and a half, the time of our lives"

"It's like we left all our baggage behind and just brought our instruments"

"Bound for glory is what we are, i mean, that's what this tour is. It's god damn bound for glory."

The film was premiered at SXSW on 17th March but if it does go to cinemas (i don't see why on earth it wouldn't) then i personally would love to see this film. It has gotten my mind into a real thought-provoking state, wondering how insightful and amazing it would be to take a trip like this.
Great. Just what i needed before i attempt to get to sleep. That's my commupence for staying up on the computer too late.

Would you like to see this film? Or is there another artist that you would like to see a documentary-based film on?



  1. This looks amazing! I really hope it goes to the cinemas x

  2. Really cute blog :)
    Thanks so much for visiting mine and for following !
    I"m now following back :)

    Erika xx

  3. This could be interesting. Documentaries are always great to watch.

  4. Oh this sounds really interesting, it's the first time I've heard anything about it! I love Mumford!


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