Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I Can't Make You Love Me

      I Can't Make You Love Me
      Bon Iver
There isn't much that i can write to convey how beautiful this song is, it's one you just have to listen to.
Within the piano melody and falsetto voice, there is something ever so simplistic that creates an innocence to the song; a sort of inexperienced quality. The lyrics "Turn down the lights, turn down the bed" and "Lay down with me, tell me no lies" express a real sense of yearning for an honest and simple relationship, removing all complexities from the outside world. Singing about an unrequited love, the lyrics are wonderfully romantic yet the melancholy of not having the same feelings from someone in return, for me, puts a compellingly darker side to the song. I just want to say "I will love you!".

History lesson: One of the two writers of this song, Mike Reid, said his inspiration came from an article that he had read about a man who had drunkenly shot at his girlfriend's car. Upon being asked if he had learned anything from the incident in court, the man replied: "I learned, your honour, that you can't make a woman love you if she don't."

Awww, that's so romantic. You know, aside from shooting his girlfriend's car and all.


  1. bon iver is like god for me! great post!

  2. Very creepy that the comment before this one was about Bon Iver pretty much being God... I was soooo going to say that! Love this song :-) xx

  3. Lovely song, I like to listen to Bon Iver, it's so easy on the ears.


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