Friday, 8 June 2012

Frank On A Friday

Frank Ocean released this trailer via his tumblr today. With no caption, it's unclear whether 'Channel Orange' is an album release that follows up Nostalgia, Ultra or if a different project is in the works. However, upon hearing just one minute and forty-five seconds of the previewed song in this video, I am darn excited.

Frank often posts material that he is working on through the blogging site; I found myself in a pensive manner when I'd read some of his poetic, thought-provoking lyrics such as the excerpt below about a 'lone wolf'. It's actually quite powerful.
travel far lone wolf
live long lone wolf
when it’s cold, make a pact 

with the wind lone wolf 
not a pack lone wolf
we see your shadow lone wolf
we know the way you love it
the darkness stays lone wolf
don’t call or cry for it
howl for the light lone wolf
survive the night lone wolf

Frank also shared this a capella version of a song entitled Summer Remains last month with the caption 'just at home fuckin around, no judging'. After posting the ever-captivating lyrics, it's apparent that, as well as having such a naturally powerful and buttery voice, this artist also has a strong talent for writing songs.Plus, he can play the piano. What's not to love?

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  1. ohhh sounds rather spacey and a bit out there! Songwriting is such an art, some people are just poets!


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