Saturday, 2 June 2012


Have you ever been on youtube and randomly found a really good song (albeit due to the fact that you've been scrolling endlessly through 'related videos')? Well this has recently happened to me. The song that I am referring to comes from CHLLNGR and features Coco O:

Looking at the production of Sundown, there is such a diverse and eclectic mix of different sounds within the track; the haunting drone, the relentless percussion beat and the stirring bassline that withholds a sort of brassy effect all combine to create a complex piece of music. Combining this with the captivating vocal from Coco O of Quadron, I find myself oddly relaxed and captivated by the song. I love it when music causes you to be solely focused on what you're listening to, this is most definitely a sign of a good song.

After having listened to CHLLNGR's remix of Islands by The XX, it seems that they have perfected the art of using beats to create a certain type of atmosphere. Similarly to Sundown, a combination of droning in the background has been used on top of inescapable percussive elements. Listen to this remix, you will be happy you did dude (well, until the high pitched voice comes in anyways).


  1. cool! will be giving this a listen :) love your blog

    Nafisah xo

  2. Love this! Been having a nosey through your posts and discovered some good music so thanks! xxx


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