Friday, 12 August 2011

Sun Biz Sessions

Sun Biz Sessions have hosted many of my favourite acoustic performances from artists i can't get enough of. Acoustic covers being my preffered music choice, i just love the concept; the setting with subdued lighting along with no traces of electronic instruments allowing the music to do the talking and rightly so.
Ed Sheeran covers Skinny Love by Bon Iver
I love Ed Sheeran. This cover is just perfect. I love the timid yet expressive 'oh' to set the mood of the song and his imperfect endings of notes within verses really creates the most gorgeous atmosphere. However, crescndoing into the chorus, Ed really brings out his beautiful tone along with the strumming of the guitar. Bellisimo.
Ellie Goulding covers Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
This has been on repeat for the last five days. Ellie Goulding has created a beautiful cover of Sweet Dispostion by the Temper Trap showing the gorgeous harmony and simplicity of a guitar and piano. I love the tone within Ellie's voice and the raw quality it brings when singing with expression.

I shall leave, revelling in the immenseness.
Mollie xo


  1. got huge respect for ed sheeran
    lovely blog, love

  2. I love finding new music, thanks for sharing :)


  3. Sweet choices!
    Ah, I love Ed Sheeran! Would love to meet him in real life...wishful thinking, eh? :) X

  4. Lovely blog, these covers are so good. Sweet disposition is one of my favourites. Follow me back? X

  5. I love Ellie Goulding. I'm not too keen on Ed sheeran though, i prefer bon ivers version! I love him. X

  6. Love these bands! YAY!
    I adore your header and blog.
    Shall we follow each other?
    xxxx to you- Emily

  7. i enjoy listening to covers and peoples own rendition of a song!!! amazing...


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