Friday, 5 August 2011

Erik Hassle

Okay so this post is way overdue but i abosolutely adore this Swedish singer. I first started listening to Erik Hassle at the beginning of last year when a friend introduced me to his single Hurtful. However, that wasn't one of my favourites so after a little bit of searching on Youtube i eventually discovered Erik's obvious talent and his soulful voice with a quirky but addictive tone that i could listen to for hours. I love his album, Pieces, mainly because of the range in genre's - crossing indie bass guitar rythms with piano ballads. His creative music style makes me swoon. gosh, i love this dude.
Not only are his original tracks great but Erik has the rare talent of turning any cover he does into his own, original style. I love his rendition of Someday aswell as Nothing Else Matters, also on the album. Speaking of, my favourite songs on the album are Don't Bring Flowers, Amelia and Whose Gonna Walk You Home - a duet with Malin Dahlstrom that gives me goosebumps everytime i lsten to it. So, the general gist of this post is to express my love for Erik Hassle...i love him.

Mollie xo


  1. please keep posting, i'm all for finding new artists! really love this

  2. Love his collab with Ellie G.

    Helen, X

  3. oh i simply adore his music.

    xx //

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  5. ooh finally I know how Erik Hassle looks like. He did a song with Ellie Goulding and i love it!


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