Monday, 1 August 2011

dear musicandmollie

dear musicandmollie,
I created a blog to archive my journeys within music and to express my opinions on artists, composers and songs in general. As a musical person playing the flute to reach grade 7 (still going strong), taking it upon myself to learn piano on the keyboard when i was 12 and eventually the guitar two years ago, i just felt i could turn to blogging to write about my views and musical finds. I have a strong opinion on fame whores and 'artists' that lip-synch. They will not be making an appearance on my blog. I don't like to define myself as to what genre of music i listen to, i'm open to everything and if i like that particular piece of music then so be it. This ties in with my favourite quote: to define is to limit.
here are a few of my favourite artists...
I sing alot at home where nobody can hear me. I get very fearful of what others will think, it is a negative quality to have but i can't help but get nervous. I intend to use this blog to upload my covers/songs and keep a record of my progress in that respect also.
erm, so enjoy! :)
mollie xo


  1. wow grade 7! thats impressive, I wish I got a start on with my singing!


  2. I also love Beyonce and Rihanna! :)


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