Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Belle Amie

I basically spent an hour last night on Belle Amie's youtube account and have literally fallen in love with them. After listening to their acoustic covers, particualrly their rendition of On a Mission;  i adored the harmonies and Esther, Sophia and Rebecca have an edgy style which sets them apart from the classic 'girl band' image. Although i did think they were one of the best girl bands that X Factor had to offer when they competed in 2010, i never realised how much potential they had. Belle Amie's debut single is called Girls Up and, although a little more pop than what i usually listen to, it's a really catchy, girl-power tune accompanied by a great video:
With their single being released in precisely 11 days, i've become a 'belle' just in time to buy it.
Now i'm off to start my own girl band. Good luck with that Mols.

Mollie xo


  1. These girls look awesome ! I've never heard of them before, but they sound pretty good.
    Thanks for sharing, I'll be looking out for more of their songs in the future :)

  2. ooo this song is cute! i love the video :')

    your blog is adorable!


  3. ive never heard of them until i visited your blog, what a cute song and i love the video clip, it's so vibrant and colourful.


  4. wow never watched them on youtube before, but im impressed and the video is so creative :)

  5. Never heard about them before. I like the concept!!

  6. Amazing blog! I'm i stalker!

  7. hi! i totally hate these girls. i don't think they look right together and i hated them on the x factor. haha, i'm a total x factor nut and get really attached or become really hateful of the contestants and the judges.

    either way, i like your blog, and thank you for following me. sorry it's taken me for so long to say thanks, i've just been on a bit of a hiatus. also going to follow on twitter

    elizabeth ( x

  8. I think theyd be so much more successful if theyd stick to an acoustic style. Being all pop theyre nothing special, just like every other girl band! Think they would have stayed in xfactor longer if they kept their orignal style- Wonderwall cover was amazing!x

  9. I so agree they are so so so goood, they should have gone way further on the x factor!!


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