Thursday, 25 August 2011

J'adore: Rizzle Kicks

Absolutely loving Rizzle Kicks at the moment. With a combination of Jordan (Rizzle)'s rapping and Harley (Sylvester)'s soulful voice, the duo incorporates old school hip hop beats with elements of pop and i personally cannot get enough. They have a fresh sound due to the mixture of a range of instruments, beats and rhythms used in their music.
Prophet (Better Watch It): As Rizzle Kicks debut single, this is a great example of their fresh sound which i love. With an orchestral movement in the background of the chorus underneath hip hop beats and retro drumming patterns, the visuals match the music perfectly. Love the video effects.

Miss Cigarette: I love the lyrics in this track as it personifies a cigarette as if it were a woman, which i find quite clever. Using lyrics such as 'In the hope she’d leave me alone because I’m better off her but I see that spark and I just accept the offer' Rizzle Kicks create an image of being better  off without the 'girl' but also being better off without a cigarette. Just great, well thought out lyrics.

Oh! and just yesterday their youtube page released a collaboration with Ed Sheeran on his song 'You Need Me' (which rocks anywho) in which Jordan and Harley put their spin on it - check it out here. Also (nearly finished, don't worry) i love checking out the boys favourite songs and happening on their blog, it's pretty neat.

Mollie xo


  1. They're so awesome, I love the collaboration with Ed Sheeran too :) x

  2. Loving it!
    I adore your blog - and am following right now.
    Hope you can take the time to check me out :)

    Paris W.


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