Sunday, 21 July 2013

Italy #1: Lake Garda

Ciao! Well as you have probably already guessed I have just got back from a week in Italy and it was fabulous. I've fallen in love with the Italian language, Italian sunshine and Italian dudes. Seriously, us single pringles need to get our arses over there. I stayed in the north of Lake Garda, the biggest lake in Italy, in a picturesque place called Riva del Garda which is a hub for watersports aka lots of dudes with bronzed, shirtless, six-packed torsos. Anyway, I'll divide my little diary into three posts as there is a lot to digest: Lake Garda, Venice and Verona, the latter two places we went to on a day trip.

Riva del Garda · The lake is huge · I wish England had buildings this colourful · Cars lined up for the Stella Alpina rally ·  Waking up to the view everyday was alright wasn't it ·  Bastione Castle and the view · In the midst of the mountains ·  Phallic shaped pasta anyone? ·  NUTELLA ICE-CREAM ·  Near-by town of Torbole · I think I'm in love

Surrounded by the breathtaking sheer drops of a mountainous background, with the cool breeze of the water it's hard not to be taken aback by the beauty of Lake Garda. I went for a swim in the lake one day and it was so liberating with the scenery surrounding you (that's if you looked away from the jam packed shoreline. Man, Italians love to sunbathe.) The main way to get around the perimeter of the lake would be to cycle  or walk, the path takes you around directly next to the water so you're never far away from the stunning views.

I stopped at a lovely hotel that opened up right out onto the water and the service was amazing. Food wise, we were treated to a four course meal each night, even dining with the sound of a quintet playing to the guests on one occasion. The waiters were excellent, they ran up and down non stop and could all speak English and German as well as their native tongue. Service out there is much different though; I'd be lucky to get a smile from some waiters here but the Italians were always greeting us with 'buongiorno!' or 'buonasera!' They were all so handsome too. Speaking of handsome, I have decided I'm emigrating to Italy and marrying this lifeguard. Italian guys are clearly doing something that other guys aren't.

See you in Part two!

Italy #2: VeniceItaly #3: Verona


  1. It looks beautiful!feel free to check out our newest blog post xx

  2. Ah the photos are so beautiful! Sounds like you had an amazing time,and whoa i want to go for the dudes now ;) tbh Spain's not so bad either compared with England for sure:) love Italian food too, the four course meal sounds awesome xx


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