Monday, 22 July 2013

Italy # 2: Venice

Piazza San Marco · Gondolas · Lovely blue water · Markets on the waterside · Bridge of Sighs · Me being sassy

Okay, before I tell you about how beautiful the city of Venezia is, it was damn hot. I stepped off the boat and just about melted. You could just feel the sun entering every pore of your body. Aside from that, I thought the place itself was beautiful, it's unlike anywhere I've ever been before in terms of structure and architecture. The water was a lovely, clean shade of blue and the bridges (there's over 400 of them!)  gave great view down the canals between the tightly packed houses. You could basically kiss your neighbour if you wanted to. On the topic of bridges, one of my pictures is of the 'Bridge of Sighs'. The bridge links the Doge's Palace and a prison so the name comes from the prisoner's sighs as they took their last view of Venice before being sentenced. I thought that was a pretty fun fact.

I went on a lagoon tour that introduced us to the other islands within the region too - I had no idea there were so many! Only one island, Lido di Venezia, allows cars and road traffic whereas all the others do not; people rely on water transport or their feet to go places. It was weird to see locals just canoeing or boating between islands as part of their daily life.

So, in general it's a big thumbs up for Venice. Although the heat and the sheer amount of people was a bit distracting, the place is beautiful. I'd love to go in the evening, or have more time to explore some of the quieter backstreets.

p.s. who's watched One Direction's latest video? I just don't understand how you cannot love 'em.

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