Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Italy #3: Verona

Pretty building in Piazza Erbe · Paintings · Casa di Giulietta · Shakespeare quote · Lover's wall · Arena di Verona · Inside the amphitheatre · View of Piazza Bra from the arena

Last instalment of my Italy trip! As you can see, the architecture of Verona is beautiful. However, it is quite varied as the buildings range from the Scaligeri ruling in the 1300's all the way to present day. An architectural pick 'n' mix, if you will. Arriving in Piazza Bra, the Arena di Verona immediately caught my eye with its grand presence looming over the square. Currently only the internal wall and a part of the second, external wall remains.

Second stop was Piazza Erbe, full of little market stalls and ristorantes. I loved the colourful buildings in this square, some even had paintings on the side. Everywhere in Verona is just so romantic. On the topic of romance, 'Juliet's Balcony' is situated in the city as well as 'Romeo's house'. I use inverted commas because, although it is true that the Montagues and Capulets were real families living in Verona, the houses were chosen at random - the balcony was even built on just for us tourist's delight! It was so cute to see all the padlocks and tags of lovers names surrounding the house. There was also a statue of juliet in the courtyard where the balcony was and apparently if you touch her right breast with your right hand you will be lucky in love and if you touch her left breast with your left hand you will have luck in money BUT you cannot have both. I thought that was cute.

I also got to go into the amphitheatre later in the day and it was grand. The view it gives you, not only of Piazza Bra but also of the inside of the arena, was amazing. I can't imagine how fabulous it would be to watch an opera or a concert inside, the acoustics would be like nowhere else. Even just sat in the square outside you could probably enjoy the concert just as much.

Lastly, I just want to share a hilarious quote I heard as I was walking through the square. Basically there was a guy asking people to sign signatures for some sort of anti-drugs campaign. Upon being asked, this guy of about twenty just replies "I'm from Holland, that would be kind of counter-productive" How fucking brilliant was that.

Yeah so I'm basically in love with Italy.
Have you guys ever been and did you love it as much as me? (that would be a lot)

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  1. these pics are killing me. Italy has been on my list for a while now, but each year something happens and I have to change plans. I'm thinking this is definitely my destination for next year. Great great pics chica.

  2. ahh so jealous, looks like you had a really beautiful time! xx


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