Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks Live
HMV Institute Birmingham
Hands down one of the best gigs i've ever been to. I didn't think i could love Jordan and Harley anymore than i did prior to the show but behold, i absolutely bloody love 'em.
As the lights dimmed to reveal the boy's band made up of a drummer, a trumpet player, a guitarist and Jordan's dad as the bassist (how cool is he?) a musical interlude echoed around the venue. Waiting in anticipation, the crowd looked on eagerly to see the familiar snapback hats and slogan tee's that are often associated with the trend setting duo. Applause and cheers erupted as I began to wave my hands in the air like i just didn't care upon the sound of "RIZZLE KICKS" booming from the speakers as Jordan and Harley bounded onto the stage. Their energy fuelled entrance was immediately reciprocated within the crowd as everyone and their mother rapped along to Prophet (Better Watch It).
After performing a couple of songs from the album, the well known guitar riff of Ed Sheeran's hit You Need Me I Don't Need You resonated through the tightly packed audience as we tried our best to get closer to the boys. Using his confident stage presence to his advantage, Jordan got everyone to sing along to the chorus as Harley showed off his guitar playing ability. They made the song entirely their own by re-writing the lyrics and we loved it. Succeeding this energetic performance in which everyone needed a breather, the atmosphere relaxed as Rizzle Kicks sang out their latest single Travellers Chant and we swayed our arms in synchronisation. Far from breaking the lively mood, this more gentle approach to a song only proved to us how diverse the band's music is.
To the crowd's disappointment, Jordan then went on to announce that they were about to perform the last song of the evening. But this news was soon shunned as the crowd immediately began jiggling our arms to Mama Do The Hump. Although Jordan dancing and taking his top off may have encouraged me to scream that little bit louder. He so hot.
Wait, i know what you're thinking "What about Down With The Trumpets?". Well, after everybody stamped their feet and cheered "Rizzle Kicks! Rizzle Kicks!" for more, the show was closed with Stop With The Chatter and Down With The Trumpets. It was fantastic.
Show done, we then made our way outside to the tour bus, obviously not without buying a jumper that will most likely glued to my body for the next week or so, hoping to see my beautiful boys. Other than one of my friends throwing themselves at Kirk from TOWIE there wasn't much action on that front. After about twenty minutes of waiting and seeing the delivery of four pizzas, we decided it was time to go.
Now, who's up for Round 2?


p.s. They also filmed the video for upcoming single 'Even On A Rainy Day' whilst we were there so look out for me flailing all over the place when that's released!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Brit Awards 2012

Opening the ceremony, Coldplay performed Charlie Brown to the many guests in attendance at the O2 arena. Full of positive energy and creating a real sense of poignancy to start the evening, the explosive song forced the audience to move with the band who always show a real passion for their music. The atmosphere left tingling in the air was sustained throughout the video showcasing the beautiful album 21. As soon as the captivating song Someone Like You played in the background of quite an emotional speech about the album by Adele herself, i instantly reminisced on the unforgettable performance of the song at last year's Brit Awards. It was stunning. However, for this year's event, Adele performed Rolling In The Deep as opposed to one of her more emotional songs and i think it was very much a reason for her to say "look at me now" as she sang the lyrics with independence and attitude; her voice sounded stronger than ever.
Ed Sheeran was very much a contender this year, winning Best British Male and Breakthrough Act, he showcased the wonderful and raw voice that naturally comes with his acoustic style. Wearing a casual outfit of a t-shirt and jeans, he reflected the simplistic artistry of his album. Although, i am glad he changed into a suit for the rest of the evening - it is the Brit Awards after all. Also flying the flag for breakthrough acts, Lana Del Rey won the international award which commended her alluring vocal power and significantly original style of music.
Looking absolutely bloody amazing in a pair of shorts that showed off her enviable legs, Rihanna performed the smash hit We Found Love to fellow music front runners. She also deservedly won the award for International Female Solo Artist after another amazing year for the singer. Also in attendance were my lovers One Direction and the Rizzle Kicks boys, who by the way were looking very dapper and handsome.
I would consider this year's Brits as being rather successful; Adele, Ed and Lana were all recipients of an award and the beautiful Jordan and Harley and Boys of One Direction were all gracing our screens with their beautiful presence. Let's see what this year's hidden gems bring to next year's Brit Awards.

Monday, 20 February 2012

We Are Young

We Are Young
Fun ft. Janelle Monae

I have been meaning to post this song for a while now. I really love this track by American pop band Fun, when the chorus hits it is just perfect. There's a wonderful sense of "we're here right now so let's enjoy every moment". I also adore how Janelle's verse is intertwined with that of the lead singer; who by the way is amazing - listen to the acoustic version.

Oh my gosh, who's excited about the Brit awards? I AM! I AM! I AM!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Creative Blog Award
Disclaimer: I'm sorry to the creator of this award, i had to change the title from 'Kreativ' to 'Creative' because it was annoying the heck out of me and i also used a different image.
The Rules:
1. Link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Answer the seven questions below.
3. Award ten other bloggers and let them know.
4. Share seven facts about yourself.

I was awarded The Creative Blog Award by the lovely Josie and Corrine so thankyou to them for allowing me to do this post.

1. Name your favourite song: At the moment i am constantly listening to anything by The Black Keys; their latest single Gold On The Ceiling is so good.

2. Name your favourite dessert: Seriously? This is like asking me to choose my favourite artist / band - near on impossible. I think i'm going to have to go with a classic cheesecake.

3. What ticks you off? As soon as i read this is started singing "ticked off, ticked off, i am really ticked off!" from School Of Rock. Is that bad? I think that's bad. I don't think that there are specific things that get on my nerves, it's usually when i'm in a bad mood. However, i don't like people who after seeing that someone likes a song are all like "are you serious?! I heard this song five months ago i can't believe you are only just listening to it" and they go all "that's so mainstream" ape on them. It's really pathetic and annoying.

4. When i'm upset, i... Watch too much reality tv and eat lots of chocolate.

5. Favourite pet? No, i can't do it. I have three cats and they're all such cutie pies.

6. Black / White? I prefer to wear black, i'm an unfathomably messy eater.

7. Biggest fear? Not knowing what my future holds. Although it's quite exciting when my imagination wanders off and conjures up a range of scenarios for what my life could potentially be like.

8. Everyday attitude? Be open-minded towards everything; you can learn so much so don't confine yourself. Be positive, you never know what could happen.

9. What is perfection? Eddie Redmayne. Only kidding. Well not really, he is the dream, but i suppose perfection means a different thing to everybody. For me, i think a sense of imperfection is really intriguing; if everybody was perfect then we'd have a pretty boring world.

10.Guilty Pleasure? I watch reality tv shows religiously. I was so upset when The Hills and The City ended and i don't care how many times my mum told me that it was all set up, it was real life and i wanted to be Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port's bezzie.

7 Facts About Me:
I have kind of already summarised my whole life story in the above questions but if you want to know anything else then (caution, promo alert) visit my brand spanking new 'about me' page!

Here are a my favourite blogs at the moment that i would like to present the 'Kreativ Blog' award to:

p.s. Thankyou also to Fran for awarding me the Versatile Blogger award too!

Friday, 17 February 2012

February Workout Playlist

This evening i went to my local gym and, as well as signing up for a membership (i know, Mollie with a gym membership is an extremely out of the ordinary thought) I also went to a circuit class. Although i was at first a little bit reluctant, i actually thought it was quite fun. Anyways, the reason why i'm blabbing on about this is because the recent gym trip inspired me to create a 'workout playlist' which i thought i could share with everyone. It's also a chance for me to let out my inner gangster with all these heavy beated rap songs.

Bang It - KP ft. Lost Generation

Turn Me On - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj

Niggas In Paris - Jay-Z ft. Kanye West

My Name Is Skrillex - Skrillex

She Will - Lil Wayne ft. Drake

Avicii - Fade Into Darkness

Howlin' For You - The Black Keys

Rattle - Bingo Players

I'm just going to take a minute to express my love for the track Rattle by Bingo Players, it's so insanely catchy and the rhythm just makes me want to move each time i hear it...which i suppose is a good quality to have considering it's on my workout playlist. I also included some hip hop driven songs too; there's just something about the heavy beat that drives me to keep going. Plus, i tend to feel as if i belong in a Rocky-type scenario, right before he goes into the ring. Don't judge it's the only time i feel tough okay.

So i was pondering over whether i should make this a monthly feature seen as i've got back into running and exercising again after my very lazy birthday and Christmas period. Would you like to see this as a monthly post? Let me know in the comments and i'd also love to hear any songs that you like to use as motivation,

Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Black Keys

I have developed a seriously heavy love for The Black Keys recently. The music from the two-piece band is always perfect for a midnight jam either at a party or alone in your bedroom.
Their latest album El Camino is full of  heavy drum beats and insanely catchy bass riffs that instantly cause me to start unconciously jerking my head back and forth. Obviously, Lonely Boy is a stand out track but the latest single Gold On The Ceiling continues the signature rumbling sounds of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney due to the wonderful focus on guitar riffs and percussion rhythms. The electric infused production combines perfectly with the blues chords that frequently appear on the album to create a timeless sound.
I also love the song Howlin' For You because it completely highlights the band's sound perfectly; the speakerphone effect used on the vocals creates the raw, alternative sound that the Ohio-formed band has derived from. Alternatively, El Camino also features a more subdued track (well, during the first half anyways) called Little Black Submarines. Although the song still keeps the instrumental focus on the guitar melody, it also puts the lovely vocals of Dan in the spotlight - i adore his use of ornamentations during and after the line "Oh can it be?", the simplicity is so beautiful to listen to. But then BOOM, the atmosphere immediately changes and i can revert to the head jerking that i'm used to. Yes, the capitals do represent how much i jumped out of my chair after the thunderous eruption of the unexpected electric guitar chords.
Winning three out of their five nominations for a Grammy award last year and again being nominated for tonight's ceremony, The Black Keys certainly are a force to be reckoned with. Their music is the perfrect road trip soundtrack...i'm just peeved now because they were playing in the UK nine days ago and i missed it. Oh snap. Maybe i could make it to Los Angeles just in time for Coachella? That would be awesome.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Safe & Sound

        Safe & Sound
        Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

I have to admit that i'm not the biggest Taylor Swift fan but i absolutely adore this song from the sondtrack of the upcoming film The Hunger Games. Her innocent and angelic voice intertwines perfectly with the magical guitar accompaniment. I think that i like this song much more than other tracks from Taylor because there is more depth to the meaning, as opposed to the lyrics being a teen diary entry (which isn't a bad thing as her lyrics are completely relatable) and the musical thought behind it seems much more complex. The interjection of echoes from the singers of The Civil War enhance the beauty of this piece and i just find it utterly compelling to listen to.

I must read The Hunger Games books asap. Does anyone know if they're a good read?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Zombie Boy

Upon viewing the image below, i am pretty sure that most of you considered the thought that your computer / laptop / internet supplying device diverted you to the diary of an angst fuelled teenager as opposed to the sweet angelic blog that is musicandmollie but this notion leads to the moral message 'don't judge a book by its cover' which is exactly what my latest muse, Rick Genest, stands against. Within the past 58 minutes i have become obsessed with the star of the Born This Way video (aside from Lady Gaga, of course).
I am completely fascinated with Rico's view on the world, his opinion of what beauty is and his expressive tattoo body art. He states that

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that's what they say. It changes from person to person. Everybody has their own opinion, their own ideas of what beauty is. It's gotta come from the inside, it's gotta be personal and if you are true and genuine i find that's beauiful."

People with this level of creativity and such an open minded attitude influence me the most and i just find myself enveloped in a haze of endless thoughts whenever i see inspiring images of them or listen to them talk about matters of the world.
This is my favourite of Rick's work because of how powerful the message behind the film is, even if it is for a coverage product. I also think that the music accompanying the video is very much condusive to the strange beauty i find in it; i absolutely love this song by Zoo Brazil.

I guess this just solidifies my love of men with tattoos as i am finding myself cosiderably more and more attracted to 'Zombie Boy'...i don't know maybe it's a fetish. Anyway, what i do know is that Rick Genest is a person to whom i shall aspire to be like, most likely not with the tattoos, but in terms of his open minded atitude that involves no trace of conformity. Great, another guy to add to my list of 'dudes with tattoos that i rather like'.


Friday, 3 February 2012

New Romantic

This song has been played more times than i count over the past four years. Laura Marling has perfected the art of intertwining lyrics, vocal melody and instruments to create enchanting songs that have depth to the meaning.
         New Romantic
         Laura Marling

In my opinion, New Romantic is one of Laura's greatest songs and it reflects the artist's style entirely. The quirky chords that rumble beneath her almost angelic voice singing the fast paced lyrics provides a wonderful texture that is completely alluring. Laura Marling is a wonderful lyricist and this song shows her clear talent; she writes with honesty and doesn't confine her lyrics for a specific audience by sugar coating her words. I adore the line "i would never love a man 'cause love and pain go hand in hand" because it is such a realistic way of viewing the situation of the song, which you can always rely on Laura's lyrics to convey. I also adore the style of melody that the vocals have; the range of notes combined with a lively tempo takes the listener on a journey with the emotion portrayed in the song, making it even more intriguing to listen to.

Oh, and if you do recognise her beautiful voice it is because Laura sang with Noah And The Whale to the track 'Five Years Time'. Umhum, that definitely made you obsessed with her now, right?