Friday, 17 February 2012

February Workout Playlist

This evening i went to my local gym and, as well as signing up for a membership (i know, Mollie with a gym membership is an extremely out of the ordinary thought) I also went to a circuit class. Although i was at first a little bit reluctant, i actually thought it was quite fun. Anyways, the reason why i'm blabbing on about this is because the recent gym trip inspired me to create a 'workout playlist' which i thought i could share with everyone. It's also a chance for me to let out my inner gangster with all these heavy beated rap songs.

Bang It - KP ft. Lost Generation

Turn Me On - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj

Niggas In Paris - Jay-Z ft. Kanye West

My Name Is Skrillex - Skrillex

She Will - Lil Wayne ft. Drake

Avicii - Fade Into Darkness

Howlin' For You - The Black Keys

Rattle - Bingo Players

I'm just going to take a minute to express my love for the track Rattle by Bingo Players, it's so insanely catchy and the rhythm just makes me want to move each time i hear it...which i suppose is a good quality to have considering it's on my workout playlist. I also included some hip hop driven songs too; there's just something about the heavy beat that drives me to keep going. Plus, i tend to feel as if i belong in a Rocky-type scenario, right before he goes into the ring. Don't judge it's the only time i feel tough okay.

So i was pondering over whether i should make this a monthly feature seen as i've got back into running and exercising again after my very lazy birthday and Christmas period. Would you like to see this as a monthly post? Let me know in the comments and i'd also love to hear any songs that you like to use as motivation,


  1. True story that is true: All this time I thought it was sHrillex, with an H, until the Grammys where they called him sKrillex.

    I was all... "Oops..."

  2. I really need to start to start with workout again..thanks for the list"

  3. I'm going to use these to inspire me to run again > . < x

  4. Great choices there !!

    I'm starting working out too ahaha preparing for summer:)


  5. Oh gosh this is EXACTLY what I need right now - I've just joined the gym too and I really don't know what to listen to, so thank you for this, I'll be putting all these on my ipod! Please make it a monthly feature! x

  6. Nice blog, happy weekend:)

  7. thanks for the workout music inspiration; Lil Wayne is a total guilty pleasure of mine! I've also given you a cheeky follow on twitter ;) xo

  8. This is such a good playlist! Maybe it'll make me do some exercise haha!xx

  9. Avicii & Skrillex are perfect while exercising ;x They really boost your energy !!

    PS: If you like, you are welcome to enter my international Vedette Shapewear on my blog ♥

  10. Ooh, it'd definitely be interesting to hear some of your work out tracks every so often, I love swapping playlists with people ha :)
    Right now for working out I love love love 'Get Some' by Lykke Li - an oldie, but a goodie :) xx

  11. wayne and drake just need to go ahead and make a full album together. they are golden together.

  12. I might need to put some of these onto my ipod. They'd be perfect for exercise! I am sadly limited to simply putting my ipod on shuffle when I go running. Mine broke so I'm using my mum's very odd ipod shuffle at the moment! But I skip all the slow songs ;)


  13. thank you for your comment. omg i sould start to do some sports. but i am soo lazy...anyway thx for the track list

  14. Yes, I reckon you should make this a regular post! x


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