Sunday, 5 February 2012

Zombie Boy

Upon viewing the image below, i am pretty sure that most of you considered the thought that your computer / laptop / internet supplying device diverted you to the diary of an angst fuelled teenager as opposed to the sweet angelic blog that is musicandmollie but this notion leads to the moral message 'don't judge a book by its cover' which is exactly what my latest muse, Rick Genest, stands against. Within the past 58 minutes i have become obsessed with the star of the Born This Way video (aside from Lady Gaga, of course).
I am completely fascinated with Rico's view on the world, his opinion of what beauty is and his expressive tattoo body art. He states that

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that's what they say. It changes from person to person. Everybody has their own opinion, their own ideas of what beauty is. It's gotta come from the inside, it's gotta be personal and if you are true and genuine i find that's beauiful."

People with this level of creativity and such an open minded attitude influence me the most and i just find myself enveloped in a haze of endless thoughts whenever i see inspiring images of them or listen to them talk about matters of the world.
This is my favourite of Rick's work because of how powerful the message behind the film is, even if it is for a coverage product. I also think that the music accompanying the video is very much condusive to the strange beauty i find in it; i absolutely love this song by Zoo Brazil.

I guess this just solidifies my love of men with tattoos as i am finding myself cosiderably more and more attracted to 'Zombie Boy'...i don't know maybe it's a fetish. Anyway, what i do know is that Rick Genest is a person to whom i shall aspire to be like, most likely not with the tattoos, but in terms of his open minded atitude that involves no trace of conformity. Great, another guy to add to my list of 'dudes with tattoos that i rather like'.



  1. I love Rick Genest! And it's so strange, normally I really don't like tattoos on guys, but for some reason, he's just so... unf. So attractive. I agree, I love that he chose to be creative and not to conform to what others deemed as "too much". He's great!

  2. hehee, rick genest ;) tattoos work for him.

  3. We love this!

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    ox from NYC!


  4. I've rewatched the Go Beyond The Cover ad so many times. it's one of those ads where it's so inspiring and has so much meaning. even if his appearances are not what the majority of society find beautiful and acceptable, it's really the inside that counts the most!

  5. I think he's great, a real role model! x

  6. the cover ad is amazing :) he is so hot with and without tattoos cute post xx

  7. Comme tu l'as dit, il est juste fascinant. Et c'est assez rare :)

    Have a nice day


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