Sunday, 8 July 2012

Queen: Daddy's Vinyl Collection

Today I had the lovely task of sifting through my daddy's vinyl record collection and putting them into alphabetical order. Firstly, I take pleasure in organising things (yes, I am the kind of person who gets excited about new folders at the beginning of the school year) and secondly, it was a major Queen fest. With the Queen Live Killers record spinning on the turntable and having eight Queen vinyl's in total, I am holding my father responsible for my love of the incomparable rock band.

However, seeing this large collection of iconic musicians and albums, it dawned on me how few hard copies of albums I actually own. In a technology obsessed world, it seems that most people (including myself) only ever buy music from the internet, losing that excitement of when you hold a new record for the first time and open up the immaculate cover. I know this is a scary thought, but what would happen if this technology broke down and all your music was erased? I want to be able to have a large record collection showing the culture of my childhood to look back on when I'm older, not having to rely on a computer to supply me with memories. I therefore pledge to buy albums from the store from this day forward. Well, the good ones anyway.

What do you think about the decrease in purchases of records? Is it good or bad?


  1. I'm the same, pretty much all of my music is on my laptop. I guess it's kind of sad, there won't be much to look back on when I'm old! Might have to join your pledge and buy proper albums from now on :)

  2. Oh my gosh I love organising things, I'm an obsessive list maker! Vinyl is so great too, it just feels vintage and they make a nice addition to room decoration :)
    The Style Diagnostic

  3. wow, all the LPs look amazing *_* love those!

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  4. The covers are works of art, it isn't quite the same when they appear on an ipod screen. So amazing !

  5. I'm forever jealous of how cool you are :3 I think it's nice to buy records and cds just to have something tangible - I'm constantly resisting the urge to get into electronic books, I think it'd be a real shame to lose out on the real thing and you definitely can't beat the smell of a book paper...that's weird isn't it? I guess it's the same for music as it is for literature :) Also, I was wondering what you use to edit your photos together like the bottom 2?

    Ellen xx

    1. Me? Cool? Har-de-har-har. I know right, I really don't see the appeal of kindles; it's not the same without being able to turn the page and see how far along you are in a book. To edit them together, using my super smart computer skills, I use (wait for it) powerpoint.
      Love your nails in your latest post by the way :)

    2. Oo clever ;) I've been using Picasa and I really don't like it! Awh schucks..thank you :)

  6. ah nothing beats some vinyl, i think it's more kind of, special compared to cd's but it's so much more expensive! :(

  7. Don't worry, I am a beast at organising also, I find organising far too exciting! I want to agree with you about the loss of CDs because I totally agree... then I remember the cringey collection of CDs I have under my bed ranging from Gareth Gates to Britney Spears... definitely wish I didn't have hard copies of them, save myself the embarrassment when someone finds them in years to come. xxx

  8. My dad has an epic collection of vinyls, it's just a shame our record player's broken...
    I know downloading seems to be more convenient and all but I prefer things to be more tangible. If I really like a band I'll go buy their cd and stuff but I guess technology's gona keep advancing so one day even that will end up obsolete, it's a shame really.

  9. Haha my mum caught me going through her records the other day & got so mad! She thinks I'm going to steal them (which I was haha). I count the days until she decides to give her collection to me! Summer camp - I want you is such a good somg! One of my faves atm xx

  10. it is a kind of novelty to actually buy a cd now - hopefully they dont die out completely though.

    ps. nice blog :)




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