Sunday, 1 July 2012

Big Band Era

Last night I had my final concert this year in the Wind Orchestra and I always look forward to them as all the music groups come together and we get to hear collectives such as the Big Band. There's something so fascinating about live jazz music that always leaves me wishing I could play the saxophone.
Here are a few pieces that were played last night which obviously won't overcome the atmosphere of a live performance, but are still delightful nonetheless. Both composed by Gordon Goodwin.

Hunting Wabbits

Sing Sang Sung

Looking into the era of the Big Band, whenever someone asks "what era do you wish you could've lived in?" I always reply with the 30's. This choice is heavily influenced with this style of music as there are countless images from this decade showing live music being performed and everyone dancing to it so freely. Although I am partial to the odd dance hit, there is nothing that beats live music.
Hmm, this makes me want to watch Bugsy Malone now.

p.s. I urge you to watch this and not be amazed.

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