Friday, 20 April 2012

Coachella 2012

Coachella is at the top of my list for festivals to go to. Set in the lovely landscape of California with many artists performing under the setting sun who belong to a diverse line-up, it is the perfect music paradise. This year included an eclectic mix of The Black Keys' rock n roll anthems, the dance beats of David Guetta and even an incredibly realistic hommage to Tupac in the form of a hologram. Insane.

The first day of three day weekend was by far the greatest, in my opinion. The Arctic Monkeys played in the early evening and, as this video shows, were the always charismatic Yorkshire lads complete with their leathers and slicked back hair. An electric performance by The Black Keys covering all their greatest songs was later scheduled. Believe me, if I was there, there would be no stopping me from flailing about to the pounding beat coming from the ever so energetic Patrick on the drums. Another of my favourite artists, Frank Ocean, performed a mellow set on Friday that showed off his deep, buttery voice to at its best, even if there was a few technical difficulties. Full performance from Frank here (I got too excited when Tyler jumped on stage for Analog with his disposable camera).

Saturday also brought a range of musical styles. Bon Iver delighted fans with a beautiful performance of Skinny Love complete with a lovely subdued stage setting, Azealia Banks delivered an edgy performance of some skilled fast-rapping of which I just can't fathom how to do, and AWOLNATION showcased the amazing anthem of a song, Sail. However, the Sahara Stage was where it was at, I'm sure. David Guetta, Martin Solveig and Jacques Lu Cont were set to perform and get everyone raving on a Saturday night.

Yay! Yay! Yay! I have finally seen good quality video footage of The Weeknd in action. His captivating set infused with the electric sound on the Outside Stage looked fantabulous. As was apparent on Saturday's set list, big dance names surfaced again with Avicii, Nero and Calvin Harris all performing on the Sahara Stage. Florence and the Machine finished off the weekend on the outdoor stage, which I'm sure was as ethereal and enchanting as ever.

Images from the festival:
The Black Keys performing, Frank and Tyler, Alex Turner performing with the Arctic Monkeys, Azealia Banks and Florence Welch (love this photo)

Coachella is the perfect place for people to let their inner bohemian escape through their style.
images via harpersbazaarvoguehollywoodreporter

So I'm going to go and plan a massive trip to California to go to Coachella, laden in florals, feathers and sunnies. Coachella 2013, see you there baby.



  1. Azealia is a goddess. That is all.

  2. Definitely have to go to Coachella before I'm 25! Looks amazing x

  3. everyone should literally have coachella on their bucket list it was such a great experience this year despite the horrible weather i had such a great time !

  4. omg wow, that sounds AMAZING! :o definitely agree with you about friday being the best, would love too see bon iver too!ahh one day i will be there!xo

  5. I love coachella!! :D♥___♥
    so nice and pretty style !! :D
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    I have a new blog and I hope you can check it! :D
    Thanks!! :D
    Have a nice day!!n_n

  6. just seeing this post gives me goosebumps. Coachella is on my bucketlist! i must experience a music festival of this scale before i die. xxxx

  7. I hope you do end up getting to go, it would be awesome.

  8. soo jealous, want to go to coachella so badly, but it's pretty far away from germany..

  9. Coachella <3
    I like your blog,I am followin you,if you want I would be glad that you come to visit my blog and follow me if you like :)

  10. sooooo jealous, wanna be ther :) seriously, the artists and styles there are aweeeeesome! x


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