Monday, 2 April 2012


I'm going through a rather heavy phase of hip hop at the moment; Drake, Odd Future, Jay Z and Kanye - all the biggest rappers of the moment have been played on my laptop. My latest obsession (even if it didn't click for at least four months) is this song from Azealia Banks. Umhum, i've spent most of today perfecting the fast spoken lyrics. Quite productive in my eyes...hey, at least it beats maths revision i suppose.
What can i say? My music taste is so damn broad, you could practically squeeze the moon in between the opposite ends of the artists that i listen to.

p.s. On Saturday, my friends and I held a surprise party for (my best guy mate) Tim's birthday and it went perfectly! We'd been planning it for weeks. Myself and Rosie (another buddy) were sat with him in the car pulling up to the house and couldn't control our excitement; we were literally bouncing up and down whilst concealing our party poppers. He thought we were getting that excited about Nandos! Oh it was brilliant.



  1. I actually cannot stop listening to 212... I saw her preform it at NME tour and it was pretty great!x

  2. Oh my good god I love Azelia Banks! Literally love her. X
    Shope xo

    she's also close friends with my IDOL rita!
    nice blog :)

  4. This is so refreshing to read about music!

    Definitely following you, follow back if you like?

  5. Rapping>maths revision any day;) Love Azelia Banks + Odd Future, good choices! Aw that is so cute about the surprise party, bet it was difficult to keep a secret with him sat right next to you! X

  6. Ohhh man im afraid i cant agree with you on the rapping front O_O I love Tupac though! I've been listening to so much Korean music from the 60s at the minute! So good!xxx

  7. nice vid!

    Please check out my blog when you have time, thanks so much!

  8. i lovvvvvve azealia banks, saw her on the nme tour. I wish i could pull off wearing 4 plaits! xx


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