Sunday, 25 January 2015

Fear Doesn't Shut You Down, It Wakes You Up

I got the dvd Divergent for Christmas and it was great. Mainly because of Theo James. But then I watched it again two days later (did I already say I was a fan?) and started crushin' on badman Eric. Big time. FurtherMORE, Jai Courtney who plays the character is Australian. I know, contain yourselves ladiez.
He also stars in Unbroken which looks amazing. Aaand if you want to love him anymore, here is his interview with Esquire from last month (from which the above pictures were extracted) and here is his interview with Elle, also accompanied by some very handsome images.

But back to Divergent, a big draw for the film is also its soundtrack which is complete with a lacing of synthesisers to reflect the futuristic setting of the film. My top picks are I Need You / M83, Waiting Game / Banks, Dead In The Water / Ellie Goulding.

Insurgent, the sequel, is out in March, woo! More Jai Courtney!


  1. Haha I didn't know he was Australian! I watched the movie without having read the book, I quite enjoyed it.

  2. Men like this actually make my heart skip a beat, haha!


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