Wednesday, 21 January 2015

19 Things I Learned From My First Semester @ Uni

Whaddup, it's me again! I think I'm going to start getting back into this thing. Will it last? Who knows but I have three posts in me head already so let's go from there. Here's what I've learned from my first half of first year:

1 Aldi is the best part of the week

2 Everyone is an alcoholic!

3 The north / south divide is real

4 From the Midlands? Yeah we have to choose one or the other (no matter how geographically impossible)

5 Netflix on 'in the background' does not exist, as you realise two hours later that you've only written one and a half sentences but managed to watch three episodes of Prison Break

6 Be prepared to remember a shitload of names

7 Super noodles are a food group

8 Food thievery is a real problem and whoever the fuck it is holds no prisoners

9 Number eight was a touchy subject

10 The term 'windmilling' has taken on a whole new, graphic meaning

11 Uni actually involves a load of work

12 You would be surprised by the ninja moves you are capable of when the club promoters appear on campus

13 No one cares what you look like (especially when you roll up for 9am lectures)

14 Urban Outfitters and Topshop are a thing of the past

15 The thought of getting up at 8am five days a week ever again is inconceivable

16 Girls' kitchens are so much more disgusting than boys' kitchens

17 You will become an expert procrastinator (and consequently will have navigatated every deep dark corner of YouTube)

18 Sacrificing food for alcohol is smart economics, not a first class ticket to Alcoholics Anonymous

19 Say YES to everything


  1. Number 5 is the bane of my uni life! And number 10? I'm unfamiliar with the term windmilling...

    Ayaan - girl lost in transit

  2. this is my life, especially number 18 haha pretty sure everyone in my flat would agree :')



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