Tuesday, 28 January 2014


How much more perfect can one couple be? Beyoncé managed to steal the Grammy awards show without a single nomination. And Jay Z is loving every minute of it. (Watch video here soz, my laptop doesn't like me anymore so I can't embed videos).
Lena Dunham, the wonder that blessed us with 'Girls', summed it up perfectly with this tweet: "HOLY SHIT BEYONCE you aren't even a woman anymore you are the world and the lord".

I've seen some comments labelling Beyoncé's sultry performance as 'too vulgar' and likening it to other provocative award show performances recently; some may even question how she can get away with doing this whereas Miley Cyrus is ridiculed. Well, there is a difference between performing and flaunting yourself (and your wares) all over the stage. Beyoncé uses lighting, movement and her incredible voice to display the mood of the song all with just a helping hand, and a squeeze of her famous derrière, from her husband Jay to the Z. However, if we consider Miley's infamous lurid act at the VMAs then it doesn't appear half as clean cut or sensuous. It just doesn't evoke any mood other than shock whereas Beyoncé captures the attention of everyone with the simple act of draping her legs over a chair. And it's fabulous.

And also, might I add, that only her legs are 'on display' with the rest of her body veiled in fabric and let's be honest if we had the legs of Beyoncé then every single one of us would be showing them off at every chance we got.


  1. I haven't actually watched this performance yet! Good to hear it's better than Miley's, haha.

  2. So trueeee - B is SUCH a queen. Amazin performance! xxxoxo


  3. I still need to watch this performance but Beyonce is truly such an amazing artist and she is never vulgar but just really into her performance and she shows that through her body actions as well as her powerful voice so I don't get everyone's opinions on her performance for the Grammys but I guess everyone has their own opinions :)


  4. Omg everything about this post is perfect!!! Gotta love a bit of Queen B <3 xoxox



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