Sunday, 4 August 2013

Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film

Ah, this is grand. Jay Z's video for Picasso Baby, the second track from MCHG, shows the biggest rapper alive performing to a room full of artists from all corners; musicians, actors, dancers, artists, performers. "What do you do with that energy? You know, so today it's kind of an exchange. You have somebody to drop it back off." It evokes such a sense of unity between these people that, although completely different in many aspects, all live to create art. "We are artists. We are alike. We are cousins. That's what is exciting for me, bringing the worlds back together." It's so interesting watching the various reactions people have. I love it so much.

P.s. Did you spot Adam Driver, the guy who plays my favourite character in Girls?
P.p.s When is Girls returning? I'm having withdrawals.


  1. I LOVE THIS! Jay-Z is such a phenomenal artist and this idea is so innovative even though it's so simple, you'd think someone else would've thought to create something like this by now. It was such a beautiful sight to see, so many different individuals coming together as one because of this thing called art. Art is beautiful. I love this. I must watch this again and again and again!

  2. I love, love, LOVE this video! Magna Carta Holy Grail is beyond amazing, Picasso Baby has been on repeat for the past few days!personally I think those who say this album wasn't good simply dont understand hip hop.


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