Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Basically the best weekend of my life. I just love the festival atmosphere so much. Here are some pro photos from the Boardmasters site and a video that perfectly captures the atmosphere as I was too busy having a good time to take any good 'uns:
Marley Point · The Other Tribe frontman · Watergate Bay · One of the many surfers · Crowd atmosphere beats anything else in life
Ben Howard · Basement Jaxx robot · LOOK AT THE CROWD, I had no idea there was that many people

Although I was at first thinking that the music wasn't my usual taste, it was damn fabulous. The artists I got to see were Everything Everything, The Other Tribe, Bondax, Clean Bandit, Miles Kane, Basement Jaxx, Tom Odell and Ben Howard so it was a win in my eyes. I absolutely loved Bondax, the stage they were on called Marley Point was overlooking Watergate Bay so the view was gorgeous at sunset, especially with Giving It All playing. Plus, the mixing was insanely good. The other dance acts were amazing too; the lead singer in The Other Tribe was so energetic and such a legend and Clean Bandit were just sick. I also discovered that I love Tom Odell a hell of a lot after seeing how passionately he performs and by his sheer talent. Musically, the best moment was when Basement Jaxx sang happy birthday to my friend Hannah - no joke. We were getting so crushed in the crowd (we were literally right in the middle on that last picture) but as soon as they announced happy birthday we were practically crying with excitement. She just got up onto some guys shoulders and the whole crowd was singing to her, it was so insane.

The festival was sat right above Watergate Bay so we spent two days chilling there. The waves were so good to swim in and obviously attracted all the surfers. I remember on the Sunday evening just lying on the grass next to the beach and listening to an acoustic set being played in a nearby bar; it was so relaxing, everywhere and everyone was so chill. I also remember falling in the sea with all my clothes on...the water was only shin deep, like how is that even possible? At least the lifeguard had something to laugh about.

All in all, it was such a good festival experience and I would most definitely recommend anyone to go. There is such a wide range of music that there would be at least one act that you loved. The setting was beautiful, the people were amazing (there were some right characters!) and me and my friend Meghan bagged ourselves some surfers...which is basically our only goal in life. One thing I would suggest if you do go though is to not get absolutely spangled and cover yourself in neon paint and fall on your ankle and cut your leg the night before the 10 hour bus journey home. It ain't cute. Especially when there is a hot stranger sat next to you, probably thinking you are some raving sloth.

P.s. 'spangled' is now my new favourite word


  1. I have never heard of these bands
    you have named and I don't know if
    I'll enjoy these kind of music but
    I think i'll have a great time
    because of the friends and the
    atmosphere c: Nice pictures! Xx

  2. OMFG YOU SAW BONDAX! i love them ah heheh, sounds like you had such an amazing time! xxx

  3. You mentioning the beach waves definitely sealed the deal for me! That sounds so amazing! Good music, great people, and beach?! Epic! Now that's my type of event!


  4. OMG I REMEMBER SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HANNAH AT BASEMENT JAXX! I didn't who she was obviously ahaha such a good weekend


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