Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Not Giving In

ED Sheeran dubbed this video as 'one of the best music videos of the year' and I couldn't agree more. Following two brothers through the rough streets of Manila, Philippines, the video is apparently based on world champion breakdancer Mouse and his older brother; he makes it and his brother gets engulfed by drugs and gun crime. I don't think that I would like the song half as much if it wasn't for the video. It has the feel good aspects of the vibrant bassline but also the powerful aspects of the darker times the brothers face. The scene where the older broter is shot and the camera pans around him in slow motion in contrast to his brother in the same position but in completely different contexts is beautiful.

Written and Directed by Josh Cole < major props to this guy.

Hope any New Yorkers are safe after the hurricane! The images are crazy.


  1. OMG i watched it the other day, it was amazing! It's so upsetting to think that stuff like that happens quite often there. But its such a good music video nonetheless xx

  2. This video is beautiful and the song fits perfectly. I love your style of writing, it makes for an enjoyable read


    Helena xxx

  3. Such an amazing music video love when they tell a story, I heard the song for the first time the other day and fell in love with it


  4. oh I've watched this video before, and I have to agree that its one of the best!

  5. I agree this is an amazing video.


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