Saturday, 27 October 2012

"London Baby!" - Joey Tribbiani

Les Miserables • Chinatown  Ballgown Exhibition and the Fashion Gallery at the V&A  Pretty ornaments and patterns from the Asia Gallery  M&M STORE

Oh my gosh how freaking amazing is the M&M Store?! Look at all the different colours! The only thing missing is a pool of M&M's to jump in.

On the first day, we visited Westfield shopping centre (which is effing awesome) to view the Olympic Stadium and indulge in a little bit of retail therapy. All the shops are just so big and spacious. There was even a Victoria's Secret store, I watch the Fashion Show every year so it was amazing to see the wings on the lingerie set in the window. In the evening we went to see Les Miserables, the longest running musical in the world. It was quite long winded but the stage direction and use of props was really spectacular. On the way to the theatre we walked down Wardour Street and it was full of little bars and cool hangouts that you imagine the stylish Londoners who live in an apartment decorated with art and batik to visit. The theatre was just opposite Chinatown so we had a walk (and a smell) through there too. I was in food heaven.

The next day we visited the V&A Museum  to see the Ballgown Exhibition. There were some amazing fairytale gowns from the 1950's until now. I loved seeing the Erdem dress; the colour and detail in the print was even more captivating in person. Looking at fashion from the forties was really interesting too, it's so chic and timeless. We also visited the Asia Gallery; I was enamoured with the Buddha-inspired ornaments and patterns found in their fabrics - I want my room decorated with it all. Just before the return journey, when I was walking through St. Pancras, I saw a little pink piano located at the bottom of a lift for anyone to use. When I walked past, an elderly man was playing songs from Les Miserables (what a coincidence) to his wife who sat nearby tapping her foot. My  heart melted, it really did.

It was a bit of a mad rush once I got home; I was going to a Halloween party that started at eight and my train got in at nine. Once I did arrive it was pretty darn good though.

p.s. Have you seen the adorable statue in St. Pancras of the couple locked in an embrace after reuniting? It's so romantic.


  1. I love your photos, the M&M store is so colourful! London is such a vibrant, fast-paced, amazing city. I'd love to live there one day! :-)

    Sounds like you had a really great trip there. Les Mis sounds so good, as well as the Ballgown Exhibition at the V&A! And the story of the elderly man and his wife at St. Pancras is soooo cute!

    Chloe x

  2. Wow, lovely photos! M&M world looks amazing, I was going to go there the other day!


  3. amazing photos! m&m store looks crazy!!

  4. wow looks like heaven to me ;)

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  5. omgg M&M store <3

    X Jenny

  6. LOVE these photos! You've got me so excited for the ballgown exhibition at the V&A, am popping up next saturday with my mum and I can't wait! London in A/W looks so gorgeous + cosy-definitely the only place that can still feel iconic in the wind and rain. Looks like you had an amazing time!
    Molly Xx

  7. Ah so much love for london! I visted the ball gown exhibition too and loved it! Thank you for my comment x

  8. I love the layout of your blog, definitely time to switch mine up!


  9. Omg amazing photos! Want go to the M&M store eheh :D

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    Lots of kisses, Elena

  10. Well hello gorgeous!Loooove,love everything here!;)

  11. I love visiting London, and it looks like you had a great time! Also, those pictures of M&Ms are making me so hungry, haha :) Anyway, I'm really liking what I've seen of your blog so far- I'll definitely be following! x

  12. Wow Amazing pictures, Great selection babe!
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