Sunday, 26 August 2012

Top Knotch

I really love top knots at the minute. I prefer to wear it a bit looser, less of a knot, but the height is still there. I also took inspiration from the images above of the studded bracelet wrapped around the base and like to wear a headscarf wrapped around mine. They're so perfect for 'don't care' well as the fact that I haven't had my hair cut for almost a year now. Why oh why when I ask to have an half an inch off the ends the hairdresser always seems to cut off three I will never understand.
Oh, and how awesome is this upside down french plait leading into a top knot? I will be spending a hefty amount of time perfecting that, you know, getting warmed up for French to begin again.

Speaking of French, I have a question regarding my choices for my language course this year. I've been contemplating what to do all day. So, I did AS French last year (Year 11) one year early.  I'm quite pleased with my B Grade result, however, I've been told that I will have to re-sit if I want an A Grade overall at the end of A2. Considering the subject is a language and I'm contemplating continuing with this after college, I really do want an A and I think with some hard work I could achieve it. The options I have are: begin A2 and hope for the best, do A2 and re-sit my AS in January, or repeat my AS year. I'm swaying towards re-sitting the whole year again but I really would love any advice! Merci.


  1. You have a cool blog, great post and congrats on the B grade in French :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  2. Perfect for the summer, love it !!!

  3. Hi! I gave you a Liebster award, I had no idea what it was before I was tagged haha
    Lauren xx

  4. Everyones loving a top knot at the mo... me included!! They are a great little up do and although they look good casually I think they can also glam up an evening look too!! Love your Blog name!!!

  5. This is soo inspirational! Great photos girl! :) xx

  6. Love how the top knot looks, especially like the bracelet idea: had never thought of that!x

  7. I love this style of hair


  8. lovely photos! i love the bun with the studded bobble-y-thing around it :) yay for french! i'm going to do as this year..and if i was you, i'd resit french- because at least that'll be one less subject to stress out about :) xx

  9. amazing post :)
    I love this messy hairstyle!!

  10. love this hairdo!

  11. I love the look of this, shame it doesn't suit me!xx

  12. Hi there!

    we love this!
    so chic and cute:)
    nice post.

    girls from VOGUELE


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