Wednesday, 22 August 2012

I'm Over Here!

Welcome to my fresh new blog which I am, quite honestly, a little too excited about.
With no purpose whatsoever, this is my little space to write about e v e r y t h i n g; a blog without boundaries. You can expect posts about travel, music, momentous happenings in the world, even what my cats are getting up to. Oh, it is a hard life sleeping all day and having food handed to you...although, having said that, one of them still hasn't fathomed the mechanics of the cat flap. Anyway, the reason behind this (yet another) change is, after my previous indecisiveness and having a month free from the internet, I just thought I should have a mahoosive blog in which I'm not restricted to what style of posts I can write. With my beloved 'stereospecs' music blog I kind of felt that I wasn't posting for myself at all anymore so I am sadly going to have to say goodbye to my 336 followers, 109 posts and whole lotta writing. If you're migrating from stereospecs please do say hi and follow me on here instead, I still love you guys and will follow everyone that I used to. Seeing so much on my expedition, I just wanted to write about it all. So TADAA! 'Hakuna Mootata' has arrived, albeit with a misspelt word as I got last dibs on the name I wanted and couldn't think of another one, and I am ready to go. Awoohoo!


  1. Here's to a fresh start! Good luck with your new blog, I'm sure you'll do great

  2. I cannot keep up with you woman! Pfft ;) Anyways as former blogging partners I have pledged to support you in all your endeavours and I'm extra excited about this one :D Yaaaay! (this is real excitement over here!) Annywways I hope you're looking forward to tomorrow, quite frankly I'm pooping my pants! Now I'm really curious about what you got in your French... hehe

    Ellen xx

  3. Aw cute first post on your shiny new blog! I'm looking forward to seeing more posts that are more varied :-) x

  4. hellooo mollie!
    saw on your comment on my blog that you'd moved so i decided to move with you and here we are.
    staying loyal!
    laura x

  5. Your blog is just so funny and cute ♥

  6. i also started a new blog because i wanted to start fresh. im glad ur staying true to yourself and writing for ur own enjoyment :) keep up the awesomeness!!



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