Sunday, 8 January 2012

Mollie's Musings: Spa Day!

9:00am - arrive and receive complimentary drinks (including a mango and kiwi smoothie which was delish)
11:00am - time to experience my first facial
12:15pm - lunch consisting of food that could only have come from the gods
2:00pm - first ever back massage
3:05pm - yoga sesh

So my first day at a spa was rather good; i experienced my first ever facial and back massage. I was a little bit anxious about them as i thought it was going to be quite the awkward situation but the products that were used on my face smelled divine so i kind of forgot about how socially awkward i am as i drifted off with the meditation music. I also went to my first yoga class while i was there, albeit if i was without a companion who could laugh at my complete inability to balance. I had previously tried a pilates class but i always had the impression that yoga was more fun because you got to relax and unwind at the same time. I was certainly not disappointed and i loved how much the practice focuses on breathing and posture...of which i learnt that i really need to work on and stop hunching all the time haha.
All in all it was a good day and i definitely want to start doing more yoga in the future. I'd love to hear your stories of spa experiences or if any of you regularly do yoga or a practice with a similar theme,


images via weheartit


  1. Sounds lovely! I could do with a back massage right now, jealous! x

  2. I've been wanting to get into yoga so badly! Sounds like you had a really good day x

  3. that first photo is so pretty!


  4. i've only ever done yoga on the wii fit but it looks so good. i should really go yoga classes are part of my gym membership!

  5. lovely pictures, so jealous you were at a spa haha, love yoga x

  6. beautiful pictures, sets such a great mood, now following :)
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  7. This all sounds amazing! I'd love to visit a spa soon, I am a spa virgin! I love a good shoulder back massage though, I force my boyfriend to give me them, hehe! ;-). I definitely need to sort out my posture too, maybe I need to try yoga! xx

  8. I have no spa experiences:(
    anyway love the photos!

  9. I've never been to a spa.. but sounds amazing, I'd love to be pampered all day long... and about yoga.. I've been to classes but I don't think it works for me.. I'm more into spinning, running or kickbox classes.. yoga is way too quiet and relaxing for me.. maybe I need to try harder to relax which is something I've never been able to do.. I'm all about stress and axiety.. we'll se.. great photos btw..


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