Sunday, 22 January 2012

Douglas and Eddie

Both are British. Both have modelled for Burberry. Both have starred in period dramas. Douglas Booth and Eddie Redmayne are the latest gorgeous faces representing British talent today.
Mr Booth first caught  my attention after the three part series of Great Expectations that was shown during the Christmas period. I, like many other females, was in complete adoration over Douglas whilst watching him play Pip mainly because of his beautiful blue eyes and lovely well-mannered accent. I had also recognised the actor / model  from the soon to be released film 'LOL' which i'm sure that i will only go to see because my future husband is in it. He's just so beautiful.

I was first captivated by Eddie Redmayne when i saw his performance in My Week With Marilyn. His adorable portrayal of Colin Clark, a short term love interest of Marilyn, was so lovely to watch as i became lost in his freckle-flecked face and green eyes. I was very much excited when i saw an advertisement on the television this week about an upcoming British drama called Birdsong starring the actor; he appears to belong perfectly in a soldiers uniform, playing another character that you can't help but love. I shall be watching Eddie give, what i'm sure will be, another heart felt performance tonight at 9pm on BBC1, yay for British drama...and the men in them.

So these are my fangirl-worthy men of the moment, i just wanted to showcase their beautifulness to the world. Do you adore Douglas Booth and Eddie Redmayne as much as i do? Or is there another person that i should know about to add to my list?


  1. Totally agree about both of them haha.
    Can't wait to watch Birdsong tonight, i loved the book so it should be interesting to see a film version :)


  2. I was totally hyperventilating over this post! (Not gonna lie!) Who knew there were such good looking men in England? :)
    I haven't watched Great Expectations yet but my friends keep pestering me, telling me I need to watch,only reason being that Douglas Booth is in it... He is indeed very handsome!
    On the other hand I first saw Eddie in Tess Of The D'urbervilles (I recommend a watch if you haven't seen it already) and I have been captivated by his wonderfully freckly face ever since. Can't wait for Birdsong tonight!! :)
    Grace xx

  3. i drooled all the way through great expectations! x

  4. as far as love for British men go Ed Westwick has my heart.

    ♥ H @

  5. Douglas Booth. Narrhphwoaar. ♥ (Apologies for the inarticulateness!)

    Sarah ^.^

  6. Oh wow, they are so beautiful! xxx

  7. omg I dont know who that Douglas kid is...but he is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! wow lol....started following you :)

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment <3!
    Douglas is hot hahaa but my heart beats for Lachowski ;D

    Would you mind following each other?

    xoxo <3


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