Monday, 16 March 2015

George The Poet

I was introduced to the world of spoken poetry a while back but all I really found was American performers who come across quite strongly and a little extravagant. I'm not saying that I'm shunning this kind of melodramatic performance but I was pleased to find a more subdued British poet that performs to music. So I've recently become a lil bit obsessed with George The Poet. The first piece of work I heard was his latest release, Cat D, and I was pretty much enchanted from the first rhyme. He provides quite a refreshing rap style, based around poetry more than anything. His clever rhyming patterns and combination of words clearly show his intellect, being a politics, psychology and sociology graduate from Cambridge, and so unsurprisingly his work often provides a social commentary with roots in political and social issues.

His EP, The Chicken & The Egg, is also a tough but mesmerising listen that I would definitely recommend. Also, the Jack Steadman remix of Cat D is sick as so I'll put that down thurrrr. It's no wonder he was nominated for Brit's Critic's Choice Award this year (which he totally should have won). I'm just pissed that I discovered him just after he had performed in Manchester.

If you're interested some more, George The Poet's collection of poetry Search Party is out now.


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